Warning: this breakdown contains potential spoilers regarding all your favorite superhero shows on The CW. Read at your own risk!

As many might have guessed from all The CW superhero shows' most recent season finales, things are far from safe and orderly for the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl and the time-traveling Legends. In fact, it's looking downright grim, and there's a good chance this generally bright segment of the DC TV-verse could get darker than ever when each action-packed drama returns for its respective new season. Check out just how and why all of these characters are in rough spots, and how they might be able to struggle through it all to find better times down the road.

The Flash

When The Flash's Barry Allen offered himself up to the Speed Force to prevent it from going nuclear, everyone was obviously sad (especially Iris), but there was an air of confidence that Team Flash would save their boy sooner rather than later. Now, word on Season 4 has revealed Barry has been gone much longer than expected, and his crime-fighting squad still hasn't figured out a way to rescue the Scarlet Speedster from the time prison. With past villains set to make a return to Central City, one has to wonder just how up to the city-saving task Team Flash is without Barry, Caitlin Snow, or H.R. (Pours coffee on sidewalk in show of respect.)

All hope is not lost, however, as it appears Wally "Kid Flash" West is ready to dash up to the plate and become The Flash, albeit temporarily. Even if Wally isn't quite ready yet to take on the full-time duties of being The Flash, he still has Earth-2 speedster Jesse Quick to lend her hands, as well as her Earth-2 daddy, Harrison Wells, who can lend any and all intelligence that was lost in Caitlin Snow's departure. (Another dark turn!) Hopefully, the team can still keep Central City safe while still finding a way to bring Barry Allen back home so that he can finally marry Iris.

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