The Strain Just Delivered The Truth About New Horizons

The Strain Eph snowy road outside New Horizons

Warning: Spoilers for The Strain are in play. If you haven't seen "Belly of the Beast," then feel free to check out our other coverage and come back when you've watched.

This week was an interesting one when it comes to The Strain, as a lot of action and backstory have been laid into what serves as the midpoint for the final season. But by the end of the episode, a pretty big bombshell finally went off, and the name on the side was "New Horizons." As promised, the truth was revealed, and it was just as bad as we thought. For even though New Horizons kind of lived up to its promise as a farming community, the crop wasn't what its citizens thought it was, and that's a problem.

As it turns out, New Horizons is, in fact, a concentration camp; or as Eph put it, "The Master's final solution." The Partnership has gone full Nazi, as foreshadowed all throughout this season, and that future for the B-positive babies we predicted last week isn't exactly as we'd thought either. As it turns out, those babies are harvested shortly after birth, as they're something like veal to the Strigoi higher-ups. So much for giving humanity a chance to prosper in mutually beneficial circumstances.

With all of the circumstances on the table, both Eph and Dutch have helped piece together the Strigoi machinery for us, the audience. While we haven't seen Eph enact any big moves as of yet, Dutch helped disrupt the wheels of progress in the name of humanity by starting a riot in the clinic she's been kept captive in. And, as an added bonus, it looks like she's sprung Professor Setrakian from the bone marrow testing clinic that he's been kept in, and from the very same building. We'll more than likely see Herr Eichorst back on his feet again next week, though, since being set on fire surely isn't the worst fate he's been subjected to.

There's a lot going on with The Strain, as humanity is moving in for the kill against the Strigoi partnership. With Eph poised to liberate New Horizons, Dutch bringing Setrakian back to the world of the living, and Fet finally recovering the vital part to the nuclear warhead he's been seeking, it all looks like it's coming together. But with Eph's son still proven to be a sore spot, as well as a bargaining chip between himself and The Master, the human race is far from safe.

The Strain will head back to our screens next Sunday at 10 PM EST on FX, with only four episodes left to close out this massive story. If you've wondering what else is coming to the small screen soon, check out our summer TV schedule and our fall TV schedule.

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