Spoilers below Twin Peaks' latest episode, so if you haven't yet watched, jump into the void and get on that.

For months now, Sundays have provided TV fans the gobsmackiest evening of the week thanks to the symphonic chaos that is Twin Peaks, and tonight's "Part 14" was one of the most interesting installments yet, with one big reveal after another tying together the different dreams-within-dreams and otherworldly realms that David Lynchso masterfully inhabits. In true Twin Peaks fashion, big reveals don't necessarily mean mystery-solving answers, and the next four episodes should be a whirlwind of narrative footwork. For now, though, let's feast upon everything we learned tonight, and all without any in-the-flesh appearances from either Good Cooper or Evil Cooper. .

Diane And Janey-E Are Actually Sisters

Well, half-sisters. Quite a few of Twin Peaks' most interesting reveals this season have come from moments where we learn how new characters are related to those we're most familiar with. "Part 14" unveiled an extremely intriguing connection when Laura Dern's smoking-and-swearing Diane dropped the Dougie-shell that she and Naomi Watts' naive-but-advantageous Janey-E are actually estranged half-sisters. They couldn't be more different, and so of course it makes perfect sense.

Diane shared this knowledge after being told about the inscribed ring found in the recently deceased Major Briggs' stomach, and the Las Vegas authorities are now on the lookout for the Joneses. So will we find out that Diane's familial links are why Dougie was the vessel for Good Cooper's return from the Black Lodge? I would assume so, but this show has taken my assumptions to some strange places in the past.

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