A Ton Of Famous People Are Going To Be In Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has been coming together over at Showtime for what feels like forever, but this morning the subscription cable network finally stated the series is moving forward. In fact, principal photography has apparently finished on the series already, and the show is moving forward to achieve that 2017 premiere date we started hearing about numerous months ago. Along with Showtime's principal photography announcement, the network revealed a slew of cast members, including a ton of names who appeared on the original series and a slew of brand new--and super famous--cast members. You can check out a sampling of the crazy names you’ll be able to see, below.

Monica BelluciJim BelushiMichael CeraRichard ChamberlainScott CoffeyLongmire’s Bailey ChaseLaura DernErnie HudsonAshley JuddJennifer Jason LeighMatthew LillardJane LevyThe Walking Dead’s Josh McDermittTrent ReznorTim RothAmanda SeyfriedTom SizemoreEthan SupleeEddie VedderNaomi WattsCharlyne YiMadeline Zima

Yes, those names include Ernie Hudson, who is most famous for being an original Ghostbuster but who recently appeared on an episode of Modern Family and will be returning to TV to appear in Twin Peaks when Showtime’s revival eventually hits the airwaves. In the meantime, the actor is expected to appear in Paul Feig’s upcoming Ghostbusters revival, as well.

Ernie Hudson

Which brings us to Laura Dern, who is currently doing voice work for the Netflix series F is for Family and who starred in Enlightened on other subscription cabler HBO just a few years ago. She’s still most famous for feature film work like Jurassic Park or The Fault in our Stars and we can’t wait to see what she will do in the world David Lynch created.

Laura Dern

But just in case seeing a bunch of big acting names isn’t enough, there’s also the shocking inclusion of some people who are famous for non-acting, including Trent Reznor, who is mostly known for creating music for Nine Inch Nails or for composing the music for a slew of soundtracks including Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. He’s done some minor acting before in Recycled and Light of Day, but not in anything that’s as big of a deal as Twin Peaks. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is also attached to Twin Peaks as a cast member, making this whole thing even weirder.

We've known for a while that Amanda Seyfried and a few other big names would be attached to the new series, which will pick up 25 years after the events in the original ABC drama. However, we didn’t know the extent of all of the names attached until now. In fact, there are 217 people that have been cast in Showtime’s upcoming Twin Peaks series, including but not limited to a bunch of actors and actresses like David Duchovny, Sherilyn Fenn, Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise, Harry Dean Stanton, Madchen Amick, Michael Horse and Everett McGill will be back. A few people, including Michael Ontkean, will not be returning for the new series.

Interestingly, the casting notice also features Catherine E. Coulson, who actually died in 2015. I’m not sure how the show has figured out how to get the actress in, but I’m certainly interested to see how the whole thing plays out. Unfortunately, while all of this casting news is exciting, it will still be quite some time before we get new episodes of the cult hit on Showtime. For now, you can see what Showtime and the other networks have coming up with our TV premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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