Over the last three years, Barry Allen and Team Flash have met some pretty outlandish characters. Regardless of if they're virtuous or evil, the folks who stroll through Central City tend to be the most colorful characters in the entire Arrow-verse, and we're sure Season 4 of the Scarlet Speedster's solo series will bring us plenty more. Having said that, when we look at the greater DC lore, it becomes pretty clear that there are more than a few personalities who have no place appearing on The Flash.

That's the subject of today's discussion, as we will dive into the pages of DC Comics and figure which characters The Flash should leave on the illustrated page. Check out our list of heroes and villains, and let us know who you don't want to see waltz into Central City anytime soon. We have quite a few "colorful" personalities to get to, so let's get started with Barry Allen's own scarlet flesh and blood.

Bart Allen

The Flash Family is almost as big as The Bat Family, and one of its youngest members (depending on the timeline) is Bart Allen. Sometimes known as Kid Flash and sometimes known as Impulse -- what's up, my Young Justice fans? -- Bart is a fan-favorite character, sure, but his introduction would only crowd Team Flash -- which has already become incredibly dense in recent months. Bart would make a great addition to the DCEU, but we've got enough speedsters around already, and we don't want to see the kind of time-travel shenanigans that would have Barry's grandson making it to the present day.

Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer is about as deep as deep cuts can get. An actor hired to play The Flash in a movie version of The Scarlet Speedster's life (because Barry Allen cannot act), Steve eventually tries to kill the real speedster and take his place, so that he can live off of the advertising money generated by Flash's fame. It's kind of an interesting idea in theory, but it completely falls apart once one considers a live-action adaptation of Barry Allen's story, within a live-action version of Barry Allen's story, would need to rationalize a lot more elements than the comics.

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