It finally happened, DC nerds. After years of anxious waiting, speculation and anticipation, Warner Bros. finally announced that we will in fact receive a third season of Young Justice. The show has established a stellar reputation for its mature tone, as well as its complex storytelling, and we cannot even begin to describe our excitement at the prospect of new Teen Titan adventures in this universe. Needless to say, this is a great development.

The knowledge that Young Justice will finally return opens up a fascinating conversation. The second season of the beloved series left us with far more questions than answers when it ended, which means that the upcoming season will have to solve quite a few mysteries. We have compiled a list of the seven biggest questions that Young Justice Season 3 will need to answer when it finally returns. Check out our entries and let us know what mysteries you want to see solved.

How Much Time Has Passed Since Season 2?

The first season of Young Justice took place in 2010, and the second season of the hit series set its action six years later in 2016. If this trend continues into the upcoming third season of Young Justice, then we need to know what year the DC cartoon will actually take place. Certain events in the DC universe have very specific correlations to the passage of time (i.e. Bruce Wayne cannot stay active as Batman forever) and as a result of that fact, knowing the specifics of the new Young Justice timeline will go a long way towards figuring out what sort of events will take place.

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