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A new teaser trailer for The Punisher has found its way to the internet, and while it's very similar to the last one, Netflix added a sort-of release date of when we can expect to see Frank Castle debut in his standalone series. The only problem with that new information is it's way more cryptic than fans may like, and the only date we have to go on is the year 2017. Take a look at the added portion of the trailer at the tail end of the video:

The good news is that there are only a limited number of months left in which The Punisher could premiere to hit that 2017 deadline! The bad news is there's really nothing in that trailer to indicate that the series might appear in one month as opposed to any other month. Netflix already has Narcos and Fuller House set to return in September, and even if they didn't, Marvel running another series so hot on the heels of The Defenders doesn't seem likely given how they've scheduled past releases. Take that, plus the fact that Marvel's Inhumans is starting its run in IMAX next week, and it doesn't seem likely this series will air anytime in the near future.

The series could be premiering in October, although with Netflix heavily hyping Mindhunters and Stranger Things Season 2, October already feels as crowded as September to throw yet another hyped show into the mix. November is lighter for Netflix, but Marvel is also releasing Marvel's Runaways on Hulu that month. Then again, that release isn't until November 21, which leaves plenty of weeks prior to that open for Frank Castle. There's also December, but why would Marvel tease a date only to later reveal it's coming in the final moments of the year?

Really, all this is just talk and the only thing known is that The Punisher is going to air on Netflix sometime in 2017. While it's a bit of a bummer to not have the actual date, knowing all that awesome footage that was seen at San Diego Comic-Con will be on television before the year's end is exciting all the same. That said, wouldn't it be more exciting if Marvel just released the whole thing today for everyone to binge? That's almost certainly not going to happen, but any Marvel executives reading should know absolutely no one would be disappointed if that happens!

Once a more official date for The Punisher is released, fans can be sure that it will be up and ready on our fall premiere guide. In the meantime, feel free to check out our what we know guide or our list of things we want to see in Marvel's upcoming series.

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