How Kim Kardashian May Be Heating Up Live With Kelly And Ryan's Recent Drama

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More drama has hit the morning chat show Live With Kelly And Ryan, as rumors have surfaced that Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are at odds in regards to recent location-changing accommodations he's requested for his upcoming return to American Idol. The allegedly tense situation is appearing to get crazier, as upcoming guest host Kim Kardashian is said to be throwing her hat in the ring to replace Ripa should the show move forward without the namesake host. Here's the story behind this rumor, and how Ripa could be on her way out of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

To give a little backstory, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are supposedly at odds following his suggestion that Live With Kelly And Ryan be moved to Los Angeles permanently to better accommodate his hosting of American Idol. Ripa, who only recently welcomed Ryan to her show a few months ago, reportedly became incredibly upset at the suggestion and threatened to walk away from the show if that happened. Ripa is taking next week off, with reality star Kim Kardashian stepping in to host in her place.

That brings us to Radar Online's report, which states sources allegedly involved with the show claim that Kim Kardashian is taking advantage of this opportunity, and that she's legitimately interested in becoming a full-time host, should Ripa really exit the series. What's more Ryan Seacrest is allegeldy "completely on board," as he and Kim Kardashian have been friends for close to a decade now. Considering nothing has been made official -- and that it's likely to stay that way, given the gossipy nature of it -- so it's awfully hard to determine the validity of all this.

If there are serious talks of moving Live With Kelly And Ryan to Los Angeles, who would be a bigger name to replace Kelly Ripa than the West Coast reality superstar Kim Kardashian, who currently boasts over 100 million followers on Instagram alone? At the same time, it sounds a little hard to believe that Ryan Seacrest single-handedly has the power to seriously convince ABC to move the show, considering what an institution Ripa has been on Live! show for all these years (and different hosts). Then again, with ABC offering so much to Katy Perry and Seacrest to be involved with American Idol, perhaps executives are looking for any way they can to sweeten the pot for their multi-show host, regardless of what Ripa's key interests are.

Once again, all of this is deep within the rumor-sphere, but that doesn't mean fans shouldn't keep a watchful eye on Kim Kardashian when she takes over on Live With Kelly And Ryan next week at 9 a.m. ET on ABC. It wouldn't be the first time a Kardashian has been involved in some drama, and Kim particularly seems to always find herself in the center of some crazy situations. Read up on some of her other adventures with those prior links, or feel free to move forward and take a look at all the great shows that will be premiering soon on our fall premiere guide.

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