Kim Kardashian Releases A Statement Ahead Of Tonight's Big KUWTK Episode

Tonight's episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians will deal with the aftermath of the Paris robbery that Kim Kardashian went through last fall. Now, the star has released a statement about the episode via social media, where she details why talking about the robbery on the show was so important for her.

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Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram page to send a message to fans about tonight's emotional episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, which will see her talking about last October's Paris robbery with her family, as well as see her describing what happened directly to the audience. As is to be expected, Kardashian noted in her post how difficult it will be for her to watch the show, which is appropriately titled "Paris." And, while it was probably also difficult just to film this episode and talk about the robbery on camera, Kardashian says that she felt it was necessary to do so, mostly because she wanted to make sure that everyone got the story "through my eyes & not in an interview where my own words could be twisted."

Early October saw Kim Kardashian handcuffed, with her mouth taped shut, and held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room while a group of five armed assailants searched her room and, eventually, made off with her jewelry box, which held several millions dollars in valuables. While she, thankfully, managed to come away from the incident without any real physical harm being done to her, the mental effects of such an event have obviously left her shaken. Kardashian says in her post that she didn't want the events in Paris to stop her from what she's best known for: sharing her life with her fans. And, that meant, eventually, sharing her side of the Paris ordeal with them, and Keeping Up with The Kardashians was the best place for her to do that.

The show has promised to show what the aftermath of the Paris robbery was like for the Kardashian family, including Kanye West's hospitalization and the famous couple's withdrawal from their very public lives for a few weeks afterward. It was also rumored that the couple was dealing with some issues in their relationship after going through the serious stresses of the last few months of 2016. In recent weeks, though, it appears that they've been able to at least begin to work through those troubles, as they've presented a pretty strong united front. Kardashian even used her post today to say how "blessed" she was to be safe at home with her children and husband. She also thanked her loved ones and the French police for their quick work in her robbery case.

You can watch tonight's emotional episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians on E! at 9 p.m.

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