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The trailer for the final season of The Mindy Project has arrived, and it's pure chaos. Check it out and below, and see what's in store for Mindy and the gang as they draw the curtain on this beloved series:

It looks as though The Mindy Project isn't wasting time in its final season as Mindy bluntly announces "I'm married, but I'm not buried," right at the trailer's beginning. That's likely good news for some fans, as it would appear this season isn't going the television trope route of the whole final season revolving around a wedding and a slow build to a happy ending. In fact, things seem to be heading in a chaotic different direction as most of Mindy's past exes have appeared on the scene to perhaps complicate things for the OB/GYN and cause drama in her new marriage with Ben.

Those exes include Danny, who isn't in the trailer, although it's been confirmed that actor Chris Messina will appear in the final season of The Mindy Project. Considering reports said Messina would be featured in multiple episodes, so it's a bit weird that he isn't present at all in the trailer. One would think that means he's either so important to the story that they're not wanting to spoil his presence, or perhaps his appearances are so small they weren't worth putting in the trailer. In either case, all these exes coming out of the woodwork seem like something that could trouble Mindy's new marriage with Ben, so look for that to perhaps be a point of tension in this final season.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of The Mindy Project's final season is that writer and leading lady Mindy Kaling was able to wrangle this whole project just following her announcement of a surprise pregnancy. Then again, Kaling seems none too bothered by her big announcement, so perhaps it's best to just commend her for bringing the long running series to a satisfying conclusion. If the series finale isn't up to par, perhaps Kaling will be able to resurrect the series from the jaws of cancellation a third time?

The Mindy Project will air its final season September 12th on Hulu. While it's sad to see a series with such a loyal following finally end, as Mindy said in the trailer, Will & Grace is back, so it's all good! For more on when that series will make its return, or where to catch any of the other great shows returning this fall, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide. Those who aren't cable subscribers but avid streamers can check out our Netflix guide for a look of what's ahead on streaming or check out The Cord Cutter Podcast to learn about what's worth checking out this September.

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