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For over 25 years, Twin Peaks has been a show that has polarized TV viewers, but David Lynch & Co. somehow upped the ante exponentially with Showtime's revival series, which left audiences reeling from the far-flung mysteries and unanswered questions. But as it turns out, it wasn't just those outside the madness that took issue with the show's return. Actress and musician Julee Cruise, who sang the memorable theme song and performed at the show's Roadhouse, took to social media to brutally slam both Twin Peaks and Lynch.

I'm done. 😊and I could care Less about TP My subconscious never lies......I have my answer now of what I will do with the rest of my life!

Posted by Julee Cruise on Sunday, September 3, 2017

Now, if you only paid attention to that post itself and moved on with your life, it looks like Julee Cruise was just throwing some general shade at Twin Peaks during the night of its two-episode finale, probably after watching herself in "Part 17," in which she was seen performing the"Falling" theme. But one need not go very far into that post's comments to stumble across some far more inflammatory thoughts and comments. (Many of them contain typos as well, which is attributed to her doing all of her responses on her phone, but one can assume that her self-reported anger may have played a part.)

For instance, after one fan made a speculative mention about Julee Cruise returning for another potential Twin Peaks seasons, she responded with "Never!" Elsewhere, she gave a David Lynch-specific burn by saying "I Will Never Work for The Emperor Again, thank God!" When another fan said that he/she didn't need a TV show to appreciate Cruise's music, Cruise responded by saying she hadn't signed up for that, or any of "the whole nightmare, 28yrs of it." And she had lots of things to say whenever fans commented on how short the "Falling" performance was, especially in comparison to the season's other big musical moments, which served as many episodes' final scenes. Cruise called Lynch out for intentionally doing that to "slap me in the face."

Now, before anyone thinks that Julee Cruise's rage was all about a scene being shortened in editing, that wasn't the case, as the actress alleges she'd changed her phone number and email address, implying that she didn't want to even be part of the casting process when the revival was announced. Cruise also claimed that she has been treated very unkindly where Twin Peaks was concerned over the years, but especially during the production for The Return. And while many of her comments were free from degrading insults, she called out producer Sabrina Sutherland several times, usually alongside Lynch's name, and here was arguably the most salty response she put out there:

He insulted me so loud onset. I Will Never Forgive Him or that Bitch Sabrina Sutherland!

Hopefully Julee Cruise can find some peace now that Twin Peaks is once again out of her life, although it's likely people will be talking about her performance for as long as their talking about the revival. Unfortunately for a particular subset of the fanbase that went gaga for the revival, there aren't any more episodes of Twin Peaks on the way, so we'll have to just let the mysteries figure themselves out in our heads. You can still watch all 18 episodes on Showtime's streaming service, though.

And in case you need more new and returning shows to catch up with in the coming months, head to our fall premiere schedule. You don't need to pass through any red curtains to do so, either.

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