How Barry Will Be Different In The Flash Season 4

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The Season 3 finale of The Flash didn't give fans a lot of reason to be hopeful for Barry or the future of Team Flash, but executive producer Todd Helbing just did. Helbing shared some details about how Barry's personality will change for the better in Season 4.

[The Speed Force] let him deal with all of the baggage [from the past three seasons]. When he comes out, he's sort of left that all behind.

Todd Helbing essentially teased what The Flash's status quo could be for Barry in Season 4, similar to how Grant Gustin claimed that Barry will face a challenging time when he first breaks out of the Speed Force. It also matches up with Gustin also previously mentioning that once Barry gets over the initial shock of finally being out of his time prison, he's going to let go of a lot of the past that he's been holding onto. It appears Barry is going to be less angsty and a downer, and hopefully more confident and positive than he was in seasons past. Almost like the Anti-Savitar.

But while he's shedding a lot of old emotions, don't expect his love for Iris to be included. Todd Helbing also tease Barry's reunion with Iris, who has been taking charge of Team Flash while Barry was away. Helbing equated the reunion to a soldier's return from a tour, indicating the two getting back together will be something The Flash fan base will appreciate:

[Barry and Iris' reunion is like] somebody going off to war for six months and coming back. There's a lot that Iris experienced that Barry didn't when he was gone, and it's really [about] the fun and the emotional component of making up that time when they weren't together.

The two won't have a ton of time to relax though, as The Flash Season 4 is introducing one of the hero's greatest adversaries, The Thinker. While the villain will probably be one of the toughest our hero has ever faced, Barry got a little hint from Savitar last season on a way to fight him, so that tip will likely make things a bit easier on the team at some point. No doubt Barry letting go of his past will also aid the hero in his fight, or it'll at least prevent Barry from being such a sad sack back at S.T.A.R. Labs every time something goes wrong. (Usually due to something Barry did.)

The Flash is primed to return to The CW on Tuesday, October 10, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on Season 4, be sure to check out how Harrison Wells will evolve in the upcoming season, or how the series got a major Battlestar Galactica vet to play a villain this year! For more on upcoming shows making their debut or premiering in the next couple of months be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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