Z: The Beginning Of Everything Cancelled By Amazon, Despite Already Being Renewed

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Few shows are ever entirely safe when it comes to their future on the small screen, and fans often wait in dread for news of whether or not a series will get another batch of episodes. For fans of Amazon's Z: The Beginning of Everything, the worry was done for a while, as the show had scored a renewal for a second season. Christina Ricci was going to be back as Zelda Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, Amazon has now reversed its decision to give Z another round of streaming drama. Z: The Beginning of Everything has officially been cancelled by Amazon after only one season.

The news of the cancellation now comes as a big surprise, as the Z team was hard at work on the second season. In fact, the show was already in preproduction, with the writers prepping scripts for the second season. Amazon reportedly spent approximately $7 million on Season 2 before deciding to pull the plug, according to THR. Amazon's move to cancel Z: The Beginning of Everything comes at quite a cost.

I have to wonder if filming Z was spectacularly expensive in the first season, given that Amazon was willing to write off $7 million in investment in the second season. Amazon is evidently attempting to reduce spending on original series movie forward; reducing spending by giving up on $7 million seems rather odd unless the costs of production would have been incredibly high. If Amazon was going to need to shell out millions and millions more for Z Season 2, perhaps writing off that $7 million was the way to go. Z has never been a terribly special effects-heavy series, but the period setting may have been costly to reproduce.

As surprising as the sudden cancellation is, it may not come as a shock to the folks who never expected Z: The Beginning of Everything to win a renewal in the first place. Although Amazon does not release ratings or viewership information to the public, it's no secret that first season had a score of only 61 on Metacritic, which is lower than the Metacritic score of Good Girls Revolt, which Amazon had already cancelled.

It's possible that a report claiming Amazon Studios was biased in favor of series created by men on top of commentary about the cancellation of Good Girls Revolt motivated Amazon to give Z: The Beginning of Everything a second shot. If that's the case, execs at Amazon may have simply decided that the cost of a Season 2 outweighed any other reason for continuing the series. In any case, Good Girls Revolt and Z are not the only Amazon shows to get the axe after only a single season. Mad Dogs and Betas were also cancelled early, and Woody Allen's Crisis in Six Scenes may be next.

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