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game of thrones olenna tyrell death

Season 7 of Game of Thrones featured the death of one of the most entertaining characters ever to appear on the show, as Olenna Tyrell chose to drink poison courtesy of Jaime Lannister rather than face what could have been a brutal execution courtesy of Cersei. With her life at an end, Olenna finally 'fessed up that she was the one who orchestrated the death of Joffrey back in Season 4. Olenna's final (and awesome) request was that Jaime tell Cersei so that she would know it was Olenna--not Sansa or Tyrion or anybody else--who had pulled off the murder of the king at his wedding.

Olenna Tyrell got a pretty epic exit from the series, and certainly more dignified than a lot of the other dead characters have gotten. In tribute to her death, fans took to Twitter to share pictures of their cats as Olenna, and they're pretty hilarious. We've compiled some of our favorites, so take a look!

This first picture really couldn't be any more perfect. The cat's ears under the curtain make the perfect silhouette of Olenna's signature headdress and the veil she was wearing at the time of her death. The curtain is even more or less the same shade of blue as the headdress Olenna frequently wore in earlier seasons, before she had to put on a show of mourning Joffrey's death. Then, there's the way this particular feline is perched with head held high and a surprisingly stern expression that absolutely captures the essence of Olenna Tyrell.

While the Olenna of Game of Thrones was certainly never found squeezed into a trashcan, this cat gets points for being almost entirely covered up except for its face and possibly part of a tiny paw. Olenna never wore anything less than an extremely modest dress and headpiece that covered all of her hair. We only ever got to see her face, and that was enough. Way to go, cat. Way to go.

This cat doesn't have the most elaborate look when it comes to emulating Olenna Tyrell, as it seems to be under a crooked fitted sheet. Still, its glare at the camera is so fierce that I feel like I should check my own drinks for poison. This is one dignified and dangerous-looking kitty. If Game of Thrones Season 8 decides to reveal that Olenna warged into a cat shortly before her death, I think this is the cat that should be cast in the role.

Cats aren't the only critters who were dressed up in honor of Olenna Tyrell's death on Game of Thrones. Head on over to the next page to see all the other animals who got their Olenna on!

Dogs got in on the Olenna Tyrell game as well, and this pooch evidently gave his owner scare after Olenna dropped the line in the episode. If I were the person who snapped this pic, I probably wouldn't let the dog anywhere near any of my beverages for the foreseeable future. I'm not saying it was planning on poisoning anybody, but... you can't be too careful when it comes to that expression.

This lizard wins the prize for the most accurate costume, as it has a full headdress of its own as well as a tiny cup and grim glare. If HBO decides to do a lizard recreation of this Game of Thrones scene just like Netflix did with corgis for The Crown, I think we've found the star.

The rabbit doesn't win any prizes for its costume, but the owner deserves commendation for getting it to sit still and pose with pancakes balanced on its head. Who needs accuracy when we can have an adorable fluffy bunny with a pancake headdress?

I never knew I needed to see a dog lookalike of Obi-Wan Kenobi channeling its inner Olenna Tyrell, but my day is better for having seen it. Kudos to the photographer for perfect towel draping.

While it's still a bummer that Olenna Tyrell is no longer around for Game of Thrones, at least we got some amazing animal tributes to her epic death. For CinemaBlend's tribute to Olenna, check out our picks for five times she was the most savage character on the show. For what you can watch on the small screen now that Game of Thrones is over for the season, swing by our fall TV premiere schedule.

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