Netflix's The Crown Is Way More Adorable With Dogs As The Actors

Netflix has brought the British monarchy to the small screen with The Crown, which stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The first season gave viewers a look at the early years of Elizabeth's reign, and her coronation was a pivotal moment. Now, Netflix UK has released a version of a key scene between Elizabeth and Philip, but with different actors standing in for Claire Foy and Matt Smith. Yes, corgis star in this special clip, and it's positively adorable. Take a look!

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I never knew I needed to see two corgis reenacting a scene from an acclaimed television drama. This was pretty fantastic. The two pooches decked out in their ermine furs for an intense confrontation about whether one would kneel to the other is undeniably adorable. I don't want to downplay the wonderful performances of Claire Foy and Matt Smith--especially since one of them is currently nominated for an Emmy--but I would definitely watch a series all about Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as played by corgis. The video was shared via tweet from the Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account, and it can make any day at least a little bit better.

The scene in Season 1 of The Crown wasn't quite as adorable. The marriage of Elizabeth and Philip was rather strained when it came to Elizabeth's more powerful position as Queen of England. Even if Prince Philip held a very high rank, he would never be of equal standing with his wife, and The Crown played with that sense of power inequality throughout the first season. He did not want to be forced to kneel to his wife; Elizabeth wanted him to kneel before his queen. In the show, just as in the corgi clip, Philip did ultimately kneel during Elizabeth's coronation, but he clearly wasn't thrilled about it.

The trailer for Season 2 indicates that Elizabeth and Philip's marriage won't be entirely smooth sailing in the next batch of episodes. That said, footage indicates that she'll be facing pressure on all sides as her reign continues, with yet another prime minister turnover and backlash about British military actions. Elizabeth will have plenty on her plate.

Sadly, Season 2 will be the last time that we see Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The Crown will continue after the second season, but the plot will move into a new era of Elizabeth's life, and so the leading roles will be recast wth older actors. We'll have to wait and see who lands the leading roles. The Crown is in the running for a few Emmys for its first season; it may do as well at the Emmys as it did at the Golden Globes.

The Crown will return to Netflix for Season 2 on December 8 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Check out our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule for more streaming dates, and be sure to swing by our fall TV premiere guide.

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