Arrow Just Cast Deathstroke's Son For Season 6

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Arrow just cast Deathstroke's son for Season 6, and it looks as though the stage is set for a Slade Wilson adventure. Liam Hall, who has been featured in shows like Lucifer and Once Upon A Time, will get a chance to shine as Slade's son Joe Wilson when the series returns this October. From what we know so far about his character, it sounds like Hall will be an actor fans will want to see more often in the series.

Joe Wilson, according to EW, follows in his father Slade's footsteps and joins up with the secret military organization A.S.I.S. Joe's story picks up on Arrow with Liam Hall's character fighting to survive in a Kasnian prison under the alias Kane Wolfman. Given that information, and the information that fans will get to see Slade multiple times throughout Season 6, it seems rational to speculate Slade will go on a rescue mission to retrieve his son.

That might not be the best idea, as, in the comics, Slade and his son Joe aren't really on the best terms. The comic book Joe Wilson had his throat cut which left him unable to speak after Slade would not bargain with the party wishing to harm his family. Joe resents his father for the decision, and later in life, gains the supernatural ability to possess others via means of eye contact. Joe eventually joins the Teen Titans under the name Jericho and fights against his father for years.

With so little information being handed out regarding Liam Hall's character, it's impossible to know how much of Joe Wilson's past mythos will remain in the Arrow-verse interpretation. Given that Joe's powers in the comics are a result of experimentation on Slade, who didn't get injected with Mirakuru until after his son's birth on the series, it's possible the whole part of him getting powers could be excluded when his character makes his debut on Arrow. One other thing fans should know is that Joe Wilson is not the same as Grant Wilson, who was Slade's son in 2046 on Legends Of Tomorrow. This isn't some weird Flashpoint twist, however, as both exist within the DC Universe, and there's actually one more child of Slade's that could still be revealed down the line.

Arrow will return for Season 6 Thursday, October 12th at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Expect the action to be jam packed that week as many other Arrow-verse shows will make their return that week as well. To keep track of those premieres, in addition to everything else popping up this fall season, visit our fall premiere guide. Those looking for even more stuff to watch than that can also visit our Netflix guide to see what's new for streaming.

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