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Season 5 of Arrow saw Oliver Queen assemble a new team of recruits to better protect Star City, each one coming with their own baggage and wrinkles to spice up the team. While Team Arrow was stronger than it ever was before, fans still remember the early days of the show when Oliver only had one sidekick: Roy. Roy Harper AKA Arsenal was the first of Oliver's friends to take up a vigilante identity, but he left the show in Season 3. Actor Colton Haynes recently teased that Roy may be paying a visit to Star City very soon.

There has been no shortage of superhero characters since Roy Harper left the show, but many fans have still been missing the show's OG sidekick. Well, they might not have to wait much longer, because Colton Haynes all but promised that Roy will be coming back. In response to a fan tweeting him about how much they miss Roy, Haynes wrote: "Roy's coming back very soon." It sounds like Arsenal could once again be returning to Arrow, but for how long is unclear. If he were coming back as a series regular, that announcement would likely have been made by now, so if Roy is returning then it could just be for an episode or two as a guest star.

Colton Haynes left Arrow in Season 3, but rather than getting killed off, the writers left an opening that he can return whenever it suits his fancy. In the show, Roy took the fall for Oliver by claiming that he was the real Arrow, which landed him in prison. Oliver and company managed to break him out, but Roy was forced to go into hiding now that his identity was exposed. He returned for an episode in Season 4 but has been mostly MIA since then.

If Roy is coming back then he won't be the only familiar face this season. Slade Wilson is finally returning now that DC is loosening their grip a little bit, and he will be on something of a redemption arc. Also returning is Ragman, who somewhat suddenly departed the show last season to learn more about his rag powers. Laurel Lance's evil doppelganger, Black Siren, is also back to cause more trouble.

Season 6 of Arrow will continue to explore the theme of family as Oliver continues to work with Team Arrow to protect Star City. The new seasons is set to premiere on October 12, 2017, on the CW. For all the other big shows hitting TV this season, check out our fall release guide.

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