Fuller House Season 3 Trailer Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Wedding News And Uncle Jesse Jokes

When Fuller House was ordered up by Netflix, there was no denying that the streaming service and creator Jeff Franklin were looking to inspire as much nostalgia within audiences as possible. And it worked. We're now very close to the release of Fuller House Season 3, and the first trailer has finally arrived, and it has much mercy for the same nostalgic core that warms fans' hearts. Celebrate the 30th anniversary (!!) of Full House with the preview below.

For anyone who thought that Fuller House would be going through a major narrative upheaval to become more like Netflix's dramatic fare such as The Defenders and House of Cards...wait, why would anyone think that? These are the Tanners, the Tanner-Fullers and the Gibblers! Along with a Katsopolis and a Gladstone.) The darkest thing about any of them is quite possibly Jesse's hair, or perhaps the jokes that Bob Saget tells when filming isn't happening. But as far as what's expected in Season 3, it'll be more of what viewers are hoping for.

Well, unless viewers were hoping for Steve to have broken up with C.J., his fiancée who's basically a doppelgänger for D.J. It looks like that storyline will be kicked up a notch, with an imminent wedding that will take place in...Japan?!? Even though there's a Benihana just down the road?!? We get to see Steve trying on a tux, but without any of that matrimonial bliss happening, so is it possible that something will happen that puts a fork in that relationship before it can be legally cemented in place?

Let's not forget that Netflix is only releasing the first nine episodes of Fuller House Season 3 at first, so even though we get to see a big kiss between D.J. And Matt, there's still time for things to go haywire in the relationship department. After all, why else would Kimmy make that fairy tale line just after the split-screen of D.J. and Steve's faces? Why, I ask?

On the lighter side of things, we get to see the always welcome returns of Danny, Jesse, and Joey, with the latter two stepping back into the house 30 years after they'd first moved into it. Three decades feels like an eternity to younger folks, and so it's understandable that Kimmy's daughter Ramona isn't showing a lot of self-aware couth when she unwittingly insults Jesse about his age and his looks. Which gives us one of John Stamos' best moments of physical comedy.

Not that Jesse doesn't get to make fun of Danny and Joey as well, as he ribbed them for having gained more weight than he has over the years. Funny as that was, I may have groaned myself into a coma when Danny uttered the famed catchphrase, "How rude!" Thankfully, I'd forgotten all about that by the time Kimmy walked out in that impressive watermelon-covered outfit. Seriously, why hasn't Netflix licensed out all of Kimmy's wardrobe yet?

Thankfully, there's not much longer to wait, as the first chunk of Fuller House Season 3 will hit the streaming service on Friday, September 22, at 12:01 a.m. PT. (Which, yes, is exactly 30 years after the first Full House episode aired.) Expect to see a guest spot from the NBA's Lonzo Ball, as well as a lot more of Jimmy. For everything else that's coming to the small screen, check out our 2017 Netflix schedule, as well as our full fall premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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