One Fuller House Character Will Be Around A Lot More In Season 3

Fuller House relies on a full ensemble cast to bring the laughs. That ensemble cast has so far featured cast members from the original Full House but also newbies to the show, including D.J. and Kimmy's kids and more. In Season 2, we also finally met Kimmy's brother Jimmy Gibbler, who hit it off with Stephanie pretty quickly. The two started dating and fans seemed to like the relationship enough that Adam Hagenbuch, who plays Jimmy, has been upped to a series regular for Season 3.

fuller house jimmy gibbler dating Stephanie

Series regular is a much bigger deal than recurring, especially in terms of salary, but also in terms of the number of episodes that Jimmy Gibbler will appear in. It also means that Jimmy Gibbler isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, so if you were hoping for Jimmy and Stephanie to break-up, it looks like the character may be around for the long haul. If you love the character, though, this should be great news. Deadline broke the news, noting we'll get to see Jimmy Gibbler in a larger capacity when Fuller House returns for Season 3 later this year.

If you watched the series, you should know that Jimmy and Stephanie's relationship moved kind-of fast on the small screen. The two characters hooked up early in Season 2, and while Jimmy only popped up a few more times after that, we were meant to presume they were spending a lot of time together offscreen. Their relationship hit a few bumps along the way, as well, as Stephanie wasn't sure she was ready for Jimmy to declare his love for her. Later, she had to tell him she was infertile, as well, which may not be a big deal now but could be a big deal if they were to decide to get married and if Jimmy wanted kids. It's hard to work in big moments like that for a character that is only recurring, so kudos for Fuller House making that work.

The opportunity for Adam Hagenbuch is coming at a good time, too. While the first two seasons of Fuller House only lasted for 13 episodes apiece, Netflix has ordered a super-sized third season comprised of 18 episodes. It's certainly not a bad time to be bumped up to series regular on the show.

Although we don't know a ton about what to expect from Season 3, we have learned a few tidbits about what is coming. To find out more, take a look at our what we know guide for Fuller House Season 3. Although we may have to wait a bit for Netflix to announce a premiere date for the next set of episodes, the subscription streaming service has a ton of originals coming up in the coming months. You can take a look at the full Netflix premiere schedule to see all new and returning shows.

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