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Part 2 of the final Head of Household competition is the last competition to take place before the finale. Two of the Final 3 faced off last night, and after what sounds like a grueling competition, we have a winner to report, and we now know which two houseguests will face off in Part 3 during the finale. Big Brother live feed spoilers ahead!

When Friday night's recap episode left off, we saw three houseguests set behind glitter-farting unicorns for Part 1 of the Head of Household competition. As we previously reported, Paul won that competition, leaving Josh and Christmas to face off in Part 2. Christmas was medically cleared to participate in that one as well, and after hours of the feeds being down, they returned late last night to reveal that Josh won Part 2 of the final Head of Household competition. He and Paul will go head to head in Part 3 on finale night. Whoever wins that will cast the last eviction vote, and decide who sits next to them in the Final 2.

Based on the conversations they were having after the competition, it sounds like Part 2 had Josh and Christmas collecting ammo (balls?) and shooting them at Houseguests, presumably in some kind of order. It sounds like each of them had a hard time knocking specific houseguests' down. Both Christmas and Josh seemed exhausted and frustrated when the competition was over, but it was revealed that Josh was the winner.

So, Josh and Paul will face off in Part 3 of the Final Head of Household competition, which takes place during the Big Brother 19 finale episode on Wednesday night. That competition will most likely have the houseguests guessing which of two given answers is the way each juror responded to a question. It's maddeningly random, and there's really no predicting who will win. I'd say Paul has the edge, just because he's performed better in competitions than Josh has. But this comp is such a guessing game, who really knows?

Based on things he's said in the house, Paul is most likely to take Josh to the Final 2 if he wins Part 3 of the Head of Household competition.

Josh is a bit more of a wildcard at this point. On one hand, he's been talking for a while now about taking a shot at Paul if/when he gets the chance. That chance could come on Wednesday night, if he actually wants to do that. On the other hand, he's been assuring Paul he will take him to Final 2, and talking like he thinks maybe his best chance to win is next to Paul. It might just be talk to make sure Paul's still on board to take him to the end, but it's also very possible Josh really thinks his best chance is next to Paul.

I really don't think it is. If Josh takes Paul to the end (or Paul takes Josh), I just don't see five or more people on that of nine jury giving Josh the win. Maybe a couple do because they refuse to let Paul win unanimously, or because they're at odds with other jurors and don't want to vote the same way. But it's hard to see someone like Cody voting for Josh over Paul.

Even if the jury is super bitter, I can't picture what it is Josh could say to the jury to justify why he should win over Paul. His strategy has been "Do what Paul says and he'll keep me safe," which is the exact same strategy all of the jurors used all season (except for Cody). The only difference is, it worked for Josh and not for any of them. How can Josh make that case and also somehow argue that he did anything more than the rest of them do to get to the end? Paul is the reason Josh got to the end, and I think the only reason that happened is a combination of Josh not being a major competition threat, and also having pissed off some of the jury members with his pots-and-pans antics over the summer. I will be stunned if Josh wins next to Paul. Then again, maybe -- just maybe -- if Josh were to angle his speech to say he represents the newbies on the cast who didn't have the advantages Paul did, he could get some support? If they're bitter enough, it could work, I guess. Paul hasn't exactly been great at jury management, and that could come back to bite him.

As for Christmas, I don't think Josh and Paul have told her yet that they're planning to take each other, but I honestly don't think she'll be devastated by the news. In another season, we might question whether Paul would consider throwing the last Head of Household part so he doesn't have to be the one to cut Christmas, but I don't think he's especially concerned about backlash over that, because Christmas hasn't seemed all that determined to win. That might just be Season 19 in a nutshell.

We'll post updates if there are any big developments between now and Wednesday. In the meantime, the finale episode is a whopping two hours. I'm hoping a quarter of that time is spent on a compilation of houseguests talking about how much they trust Paul.

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