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The 2017 Emmys have kicked off on CBS, and they got off to an exciting start with an epic musical number and a pretty hilarious monologue. As Stephen Colbert of The Late Show is hosting the event, it probably came as no surprise to anybody when the monologue took a political slant early on. What came as a HUGE surprise was the unexpected guest that Colbert brought out for a bit of commentary of the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer himself appeared with a special podium for a very special message. Take a look!

Yes, that really happened. Sean Spicer made his way out onto the stage of the 2017 Emmys, in front of a slew of actors and late night hosts who spent months poking fun at his role in the Donald Trump administration. The White House rather famously caught some slack early in Trump's time in office when Sean Spicer made a claim about the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration. Spicer and others at the White House tried to sell the crowd size as larger than it looked to the naked eye. Well, now that Spicer has left the White House and doesn't have to represent Trump to the world, he can do what he wants. Apparently, what he wanted to do was use his 2017 celebrity for a totally wild Emmys appearance.

Given the fact that Melissa McCarthy is attending the Emmys, I'm guessing nobody would have been surprised if she reprised her role as Sean Spicer with his crazy podium from her time on Saturday Night Live earlier this year. It was a role that earned her an Emmy award for guest actress in a comedy, which was announced prior to the main Emmys event. Who could have possibly guessed that Sean Spicer himself would appear at the Emmys? Judging by her reaction, McCarthy herself had no idea he was coming. It seems like Stephen Colbert kept the secret from just about everybody in the room.

There were definitely some epic reactions to Sean Spicer's appearance. Anna Chlumsky was clearly floored by Spicer, and the ladies of Modern Family had some reactions that can only be described as "flabbergasted." Personally, I'm partial to the shot of Tony Hale and Kevin Spacey losing it when they realized what was happening. It's not every year that we get to see celebrities clearly shocked out of their poise at awards ceremonies, but Spicer was wild enough that he got everybody going.

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There's plenty of Emmy action still to come, but I'm not sure that anything bigger or crazier could possibly happen now that former White House press secretary Sean Spicer strolled out onto the main stage in front of a slew of people who got a lot of material out of his press briefings. Seriously, Stephen Colbert could do pretty much anything and bring out pretty much any other guest, and I'm guessing Spicer will be the big news of the night. I'm definitely going to be rewatching the clip a few more times.

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