Check Out The Flash’s Wild New Villain In Season 4 Premiere Photo

The Flash brought its third season to a thrilling end back in May with the defeat of Savitar and Barry retreating indefinitely into the Speed Force, leaving his family and friends behind. We're still a few weeks away from seeing Team Flash back in action, but The CW has released a photo that gives a close look at the crazy villain that will be menacing Central City in the Season 4 premiere. Prepare yourself for something bizarre and take a look!

the flash season 4 samuroid

(Image credit: Image courtesy of The CW)

Yes, Team Flash will be facing off against at least one samuroid in the Season 4 premiere, which is titled "The Flash Reborn." The samuroid made its first appearance in the Flash footage from San Diego Comic-Con, and we got more in the recent promo that showed off a bearded Barry Allen. This new photo gives the closest look yet at one of the most bizarre baddies to set foot in Central City over the years so far.

If you've never heard of samuroids, it's probably because they're not among the most well-known foes in DC Comics history. Samuroids are exactly what they sound like: robotic samurai warriors. In DC lore, they were built by a man by the name of Baron Katana. He built his samuroids to possess jet packs, electrified swords, and indestructible armor. The comics version of Barry Allen came across Baron Katana in Japan when he was investigating a samuroid that turned up in a fisherman's net. The two became enemies, and although Barry was able to defeat the samuroid army as the Flash, Baron Katana himself escaped.

The bad guy in the Flash photo looks like a samuroid soldier, although it's possible that Baron Katana himself is underneath the mask and all the armor. Whoever/whatever it is, it certainly comes armed with plenty of katana swords. In the promos for Season 4, we see this samuroid facing Kid Flash and Vibe on the streets, as well as Joe and other officers of the Central City Police Department. It looks like he's going to be going after Iris, which means that he'll pose a very personal threat against Team Flash in the Season 4 premiere. They'll probably need Barry back sooner rather than later.

It should be interesting to see how the samuroids of The Flash compare to the samuroid lore from the pages of DC Comics. The show hasn't hesitated to go in its own directions regardless of comic canon, and the samuroids don't have a ton of backstory. The samuroid could be a pretty great antagonist to kick off the speedster action of Season 4.

The Flash returns to The CW for Season 4 on Tuesday, October 10 at 8 p.m ET. It's only one of the superhero series to hit the airwaves this fall, so take a look at our TV guide to plan the rest of your viewing in the next several weeks.

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