For just about every 1990s kid, the name Nickelodeon is synonymous with entertainment. The network had a string of original hit series over the course of the decade (and beyond), with each one carving out a unique identity for itself, and the Nicktoons brand stood above all else. However, despite the fact that the animated series were specifically geared towards kids, it's almost impossible to deny that some of them were (and still are) insanely weird. Even for adults.

On that note, we have gone through the pantheon of classic Nickelodeon cartoons (most of which can be seen on The Splat programming block) and compiled a list of the ten weirdest shows ever to grace the network. Take a look at our list, and let us know what you think of these classically surreal cartoons in the comments below. Now let's strap a belt around our head and dive in to see which of these absurd shows made the cut.

10. Doug

On the surface, Doug seemed like a show about a new kid in town with a wildly active imagination. We regularly floated through Doug Funnie's imagination as he placed himself into the various identities of fictional heroes like Quailman, Jack Bandit, and Smash Adams -- all characters that he would actually play out in real life. Couple that with an anthropomorphic dog named Porkchop, a quasi-romance with a girl named Patti Mayonaise, and various characters of all shapes, sizes, and colors -- Why was Skeeter blue? -- in his hometown of Bluffington, and Doug provided one of the weirdest takes on adolescence that we have ever seen on Nickelodeon.

Want to see the weirdness for yourself? Take a look at the clip below!

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