Riverdale Star K.J. Apa Totaled His Car While Driving Home From The Set, And People Are Pissed

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Riverdale became a big midseason hit for The CW back in early 2017, as a new, darker twist on classic Archie Comics characters. The show scored an easy renewal for Season 2, which has been filming up in Vancouver. Unfortunately, filming has not gone without a hitch so far in the second season, as star K.J. Apa was recently in a car crash that totaled his vehicle. The good news is that Apa escaped without serious injury, but there are many on the Riverdale team who are pretty angry that the accident took place at all.

Here's what happened. K.J. Apa reportedly got in his car to drive after a 16-hour day of filming in Vancouver. It was after midnight when production was completed for the day, and Apa was so worn out that he fell asleep at the wheel during his 45-minute drive home. THR reports that he was taken to a local hospital for observation following the crash, but he was discharged without any serious injuries. Given the apparent state of his car, it's safe to say that Apa may be quite lucky that he escaped the accident uninjured. The passenger side of his car was evidently crushed in after the vehicle hit a light pole. The car has officially been totaled.

The crash has resulted in a lot of anger on the Riverdale set, not least because actor Cole Spouse (who plays Jughead on the series) was originally slated to get a ride from K.J. Apa. If he had been in the passenger side, this story would probably have to take a much darker turn. Cast and crew are apparently protesting that Warner Bros. TV studio hasn't done anything to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Riverdale filming schedules routinely have the cast on set into the wee hours of the morning, and the actors are responsible for finding their own ways home after a long day of filming. Cole Spouse has evidently requested that the show provide transportation to the actors when they're called upon to work very late in the day, but such an arrangement would go against WB TV's policy, which states that actors are responsible for their own transportation. If they feel unsafe to drive, they have the options of calling a taxi or staying in a hotel close to set with WBTV footing the bill. Warner Bros. has responded to the situation, and it's a slightly different story.

Members of the Riverdale team are now calling for more thorough safety protections and protocols, and only time will tell if something changes on set. It's worth noting that this Riverdale incident isn't the only case of a performer being injured or worse while filming for a project. The summer saw the death of a stuntman on the set of The Walking Dead and the death of a motorcycle racer while filming for Deadpool 2. We can only hope that something will be done to prevent more incidents that can result in grave injuries or even death.

Riverdale will return to (hopefully) resolve its cliffhanger with the Season 2 premeire on Wednesday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For your other fall viewing options, take a look at our upcoming TV guide.

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