How One Fuller House Star's Broken Leg Completely Changed Up Season 3

Mild spoilers for Fuller House Season 3 are below, so be sure to watch the first and second episodes before reading on if you want to know as little as possible.

Fuller House has officially debuted a brand new batch of episodes, just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Full House way back in 1987. The Season 3 premiere kicked off with as much whimsy as we've come to expect out of this spinoff series. As it turns out, however, not everything was happy and whimsical on set during production. Jodie Sweetin, who plays Stephanie, broke her leg prior to the beginning of Season 3 filming, and some changes had to happen. Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin spoke out about what had to happen with her leg broken, saying this:

We had to re-write half the season to accommodate her [broken leg]. We were able to work around it [in the premiere], but for the second episode, we had to write it in.

The plots of Fuller House tend to feature a lot of energetic activity, whether it involves chasing kids around or dancing or getting into (and out of) zany shenanigans. Stephanie was in the thick of the action in the first two seasons, and the odds are pretty good that she was originally intended to be jumping around as much as ever in the third season. That was obviously impossible with an injured leg and giant cast, so Jeff Franklin and Co. had to make some major adjustments to the latest batch of episodes.

As anybody who has already watched the third season can attest, Jodie Sweetin's broken leg didn't stop all the activity in Season 3, and she was still very much a part of the stories. She just wasn't up and at 'em as much as she would have been if not for the injury. We'll probably never know exactly what was planned for the third season prior to Sweetin landing herself in a cast, but I think it's safe to say that Fuller House compensated for the injury pretty well. Jeff Franklin also revealed in his chat with TVLine how the production team was able to hide Sweetin's injury in the first episode, saying this about the big musical number that kicked things off:

I don't know if you noticed, but we kind of stuck her in the back in a lot of parts. We had to hide her broken leg! She's game to do anything -- as is the rest of the cast, who have accepted it as part of the deal -- but she really couldn't move.

Fuller House proved that you don't necessarily need to be mobile to participate in a huge musical number, as Jodie Sweetin was moving around as much as was possible in her state. In fact, for viewers who didn't already know about the broken leg, they might not have even guessed that something was amiss! To see how Fuller House addressed the broken leg in the rest of Season 3, you can check out the full season streaming on Netflix now. The trailer is worth checking out if you're not yet sold on watching. Our Netflix premiere schedule can help you find other streaming options, and our fall TV schedule is worth a look as well.

Laura Hurley
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