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Fuller House: Jodie Sweetin Reveals Which Classic Catchphrase Will Come Back

Upcoming Netflix series Fuller House is a revival of classic 90s sitcom Full House that is designed to appeal to viewers young and old. Fortunately for the more nostalgic among us, Fuller House will feature the returns of key cast members from the original series. Even better, the members of the Tanner and Co. family will not be the only familiar touches to return to the screen. According to the actress behind Stephanie, the middle child’s most popular catchphrase has not been lost over the decades since the end of Full House.

In an interview with ET, Jodie Sweetin shared a few details:

‘How rude!’ definitely makes a comeback, I can say that at least. Fans will not be disappointed. Stephanie has not lost her catchphrase.

Unlike the “Have mercy!” and “Pin a rose on your nose!” catchphrases that also became famous on Full House, “How rude!” is the one that 90s kids have gotten away with quoting in the 18 years since Full House went off the air.

Full House, of course, followed the domestic exploits of a widower struggling to raise three young daughters. With pal and brother-in-law moving in to assist, the shenanigans within the expanding family were entertaining enough to carry the show for eight seasons between 1987 and 1995.

Fuller House will differ from Full House in that the adults of the house working together to raise a trio of youngsters will all be women. Danny Tanner along with Joey and Jesse will be replaced by original eldest child D.J. Tanner along with sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy. The gender swap continues with the kids as D.J.’s two youngest will both be boys. The third will be a newborn.

Aside from the gender swap, however, the premise of Fuller House is almost identical to that of Full House. Jodie Sweetin's Stephanie will be displacing John Stamos' Jesse as the aspiring musician sibling to the protagonist. According to Sweetin, however, the parallels between the two series work in the revival’s favor:

We’re aware that we are Full House. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. I think fans will get a kick out of that.

Considering that a hefty percentage of the viewers of Fuller House will likely be transplanted Full House fans and the undeniable fact that the revival wouldn’t be happening without the support of the nostalgic among Netflix subscribers, the new series paying due respect as well as not pretending to be anything other than a revival is a smart move for Fuller House. Hopefully, the revival will be just as much fun as the original, and preexisting fans will be so tickled by the 13 episodes that we’ll stop feeling ancient for long enough to introduce some newbies to the world of the Tanners.

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