What’s Next For Kai In American Horror Story: Cult, According To Evan Peters

Kai in a pinky promise with Winter

Season 7 of American Horror Story has been a wild and cringe-inducing ride so far. Titled Cult, the show's seventh season is set shortly after the 2016 Presidential Election, and follows a group of people left so changed by the results that they're convinced to become a deranged group of murderous, anarchist clowns. The group is led by Evan Peters' Kai Anderson, who has an ability to prey on people's emotions in order to manipulate them into doing his will. The first few episodes have already seen Kai rise to power both politically and interpersonally, but Peters teases this is just the beginning.

Right now he's a narcissist but then he turns into a megalomaniac and it just gets more and more and more. It's tragic and fun and scary to watch Kai's power get strong and stronger and stronger with the lack of sanity and empathy he has. It gets pretty terrifying.

Well, that's not good. If Evan Peters' comments to EW are to be believed, we've only seen the beginning of what Kai is capable of. So it looks like American Horror Story: Cult is going to get even more difficult to watch. Considering how the most recent episode went down, that's saying something.

While the first few episodes of AHS: Cult built the mystery of the mysterious clowns terrorizing people, Episode 5 revealed which characters were apart of the growing cult. The short answer is just about everyone, at the behest of Evan Peters' Kai Anderson. We got deeper glimpses into the various murders, and saw as Kai forced each member of the cult to attack the victims. The scenes were very grisly, with the group taking turns stabbing and/or shooting each target. Kai's ego and delusion is growing, and things will only get worse as Cult continues on.

It should be fascinating to see how Kai's influence continues to grow in the back half of the season. He has the advantage of being able to work within both the light and the darkness. Because in addition to his group of followers who will do his bidding, he's also securing a seat on the City Council. This will give him a spotlight and platform to spread his anarchist ideas, while his diehard followers take out any opposition and competition. While some American Horror Story fans may have had their doubts about Cult, the series certainly seems to be delivering in regards to scares and interesting plot twists.

American Horror Story: Cult's next episode is set to air this coming Thursday, October 10th. But it will reportedly feature a mass shooting incident, so it's unclear if FX will decide to postpone the episode in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy. We'll be sure to update you on details as they become public.

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