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What The X-Files: Revival Is Going To Be About

William The X Files Fox

We now know what The X Files revival will be about when the show returns for Season 11, and it sounds like the series is going to revisit a character who was teased in Season 10. William, the son of Mulder and Scully, will be a big part of the upcoming season, and may even be the season's primary antagonist. Here's what is being reported, and how fans of The X-Files may finally get those answers about William they've waited so long to hear.

TVLine reveals the news comes from series creator of The X-FIles Chris Carter, who says fans will get to see more of William in Season 11 than they've seen in a very long time. That much was speculated by fans when Season 10 ended with Scully saying that Mulder would need stem cells from William in order to survive the Spartan virus. Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) has added to the hype, saying the storyline with William is incredibly well done and that fans are going to like where the storyline takes them.

Given the various directions The X-Files goes with storylines, it's kind of hard to predict plots based off of that statement, but some are thinking William might be the aggressor in Season 11. This chatter stems from the first look at the season, which features an ailing Scully telling Mulder "You have to find him and you have to stop him before he releases hell on Earth." There could be a ton of people who fall under the category "him," but with Mulder alive and well it appears Scully did make contact with their son, and things may not have gone well considering her condition in the teases we've seen.

Is William capable of bringing "hell on Earth"? There's always been something odd about Scully and Mulder's miracle baby, who displayed telekinetic powers in his younger years and believed by some to be a tool for the colonization of aliens. With The X-Files team teasing the character's return, one has to wonder if William's abilities might have intensified in his teenage years and may cause some trouble for his biological parents in Season 11.

The X-Files will return for Season 11 in 2018 on Fox, hopefully with more answers regarding William. For more on The X-Files, check out the awesome way the cast of the show celebrated their 24th anniversary. It's already been confirmed one character will be making a comeback after a short cameo in Season 10, and we have a huge breakdown that reveals all the information on Season 11 you could ever want. For a bunch of new shows to watch while waiting for The X-Files to return, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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