Why Frankie Muniz Can't Remember Filming Malcolm In The Middle

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Frankie Muniz is often remembered best for his role as boy genius Malcolm on Malcolm In The Middle, and while many fans remember his time on the show, he can't. Some may assume this blank spot in Muniz's memory is tied to alcohol or some drug-related issue, but the actor revealed on Dancing With The Stars that it's actually due to a series of concussions and ministrokes he's had throughout his lifetime. Due to his condition, Muniz says he can't remember a bulk of his time on the show:

Truth is, I don't remember much [of my time on Malcolm]. It almost feels like it wasn't me.

EW reports that Frankie Muniz cannot remember the six years he was on Malcolm In The Middle due to "TIA" or "mini-strokes" which have attributed to his memory loss. Muniz has also suffered several concussions, which may have happened during his career as a professional racecar driver in the mid-2000s. Muniz added during his segment in Dancing With The Stars that not being able to remember the show makes him "a little sad," and that typically when he does have a memory from the series, it's from watching an episode.

As for what is causing these episodes, Frankie Muniz says doctors haven't been able to diagnose what the root of his mini-strokes and memory loss are. Muniz says the mini-strokes began in 2012, and since then, he estimates he's had about 15 of them. His memory issues didn't appear to plague him while remembering his dance routine on Dancing With The Stars, as he got a score of 24 out of 30 from the judges, which is the median score a bulk of contestants would receive that same night.

While Frankie Muniz doesn't have answers for his condition, he appears to have made adjustments in his life to help accommodate it. Muniz's girlfriend, Paige Price, keeps a diary of their activities day to day, and the actor is speaking publicly about the issue, which may reach someone who actually knows what's going on. If nothing else, Muniz talking about his condition may help someone else having the same problems and make them realize that someone can lead an awesome life in spite of what sounds like a debilitating thing to deal with.

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