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Abraham In Season 6 of The Walking Dead

This past weekend was an exciting one for avid TV and film fans, as New York Comic-Con brought plenty of exciting actors and creatives from popular properties. In their respective panels, there was a ton of new footage and information shared, and The Walking Dead franchise was no exception. Because in addition to sharing a new scene from Season 8, a major announcement happened that has the potential to change the massively popular apocalyptic drama. The Walking Dead and it's spinoff Fear The Walking Dead will soon cross over in the form of a shared character, and now one fan favorite actor may be teasing his involvement.

Actor Michael Cudlitz played Abraham Ford since Season 4 of The Walking Dead, and quickly became a fan favorite for his character's dirty mouth and badassery. Now Cudlitz seems to be teasing the fandom regarding the crossover event. Before the news broke at NY Comic-Con, he tweeted this cryptic message to his Twitter followers.

Many smart Walking Dead fans predicted that the crossover announcement could be coming, and they were right. And the morning after the big announcement happened, Michael Cudlitz once again took to his Twitter with another mysterious message.

While these Tweets may just be Michael Cudlitz's way of engaging with the rabid fanbase of The Walking Dead, there does seem to be something fishy about his comments. He followed up both Tweets with the same fist Emojis, which seems to confirm that he's eager to jump back into the world of the zombie apocalypse, possibly with a future appearance on Fear The Walking Dead.

Michael Cudlitz's tweets are far from a confirmation of his involvement in the crossover, but they're certainly something to pay attention to. Since Abraham was killed off at the start o Season 7, it would stand to reason that Cudlitz should no longer be privy to the inner workings of the AMC shows. But he seems to have been given a heads up on the announcement, which will only adds fuel to the fire that Abraham could once again show up in The Walking Dead universe. After all, he told us that he'd be more than happy to return in any capacity.

As far as Abraham's journey on The Walking Dead goes, it's totally possible that interacted with Fear The Walking Dead's Madison Clarke and her group of survivors before he eventually ran into Glenn and Tara on the road to D.C.. In a flashback, it was shown that Abraham started his journey in the apocalypse in Houston, Texas. He eventually met Eugene, believes Eugene's lie, and begins assembling a team to escort the mulleted survivor to Washington. If Madison and her group move from California to somewhere closer to Texas, than it would stand to reason that Abraham's path (and maybe even Eugene and Rosita) might cross with Fear's protagonists.

Of course, we'll just have to wait for the folks at AMC to provide more information about the impending crossover event. But considering The Walking Dead is starting Season 8 and Fear's next season will be the fourth, the crossover has been years in the making.

Fear The Walking Dead will air its Season 3 finale this coming Sunday, and The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 on October 22nd. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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