Over the course of The Flash, we've been treated to several views of the Speed Force that gives the many (many) speedsters of the multiverse their abilities. Well, at the end of Season 3, our own Barry Allen took an extended trip into the dimension to stop Central City, and possibly all of existence, from being ripped apart when there was no speedster to occupy the Speed Force Prison. So, now that Season 4 of The Flash is underway and Barry has finally been freed from the Speed Force, we really have some questions about what living in that weird, extra-dimensional time and space is like.

How much of Barry's own future did he see?

When Barry was finally released from the Speed Force there were a lot of things different about him, and he spent a large part of the episode quite unlike the old Barry Allen we all know and love. One of the things that was hard to miss about him once he got home, were his wild, seemingly random, ramblings. Along with a lot of rhyming and some talk about "melting stars," before Barry snapped out of it, he said "we're gonna need more diapers" and also dropped a "Your honor, I'm innocent. I didn't do this. I didn't kill anybody." I know, right?

Now, it seems likely that Barry's words about diapers will refer to his future with Iris and them having children some day, but we don't know why Barry would ever be accused of killing someone (though we did see Barry in jail when he took a trip through the Speed Force in the Season 1 finale). Either way, it's clear that Barry saw at least some of his future during his six months in the Speed Force, so the big question is, just how much of his future was he allowed to see? In his short time as a super-powered crime fighter, Barry has already seen some tough times, so it would seem that any significant looks at his future would include some pretty rough stuff. And, that's exactly the kind of thing that could lead to Barry going into shock and popping out of the Speed Force with a serious case of memory loss.

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