The CW is the place to be on the small screen when it comes to superhero action, and The Flash in particular has been a big hit for the network. The third season of the Scarlet Speedster's adventures in Central City has come to an end, and the fourth season is poised to go in a new direction on the supervillain front. Now, as we look back on all that has happened so far, we've come to the realization that, as much fun as The Flash can be when at its best, there are some things that fans really shouldn't overthink if they want to enjoy the show. We've put together a list of 15 things that are probably best taken as they are and not delved into... because that's when they stop making sense. Check it out!

1. How Team Flash Can Afford To Keep STAR Labs Open

STAR Labs was in rough shape back in Season 1 after the fiasco of the particle accelerator, but given that the guy running it was a genius and a supervillain, we can give the show a pass for not going into detail on how Cisco and Caitlin were being paid and how all the fancy tech was funded. Then, ownership of STAR Labs passed to Barry Allen, who... has somehow kept it up and running, despite living on his salary as a CSI for the Central City Police Department.

2. How Characters Never Mess Up Their Hair When Removing Masks

The Flash has featured all kinds of masked characters, with everything ranging from domino masks to full cowls to entire sets of armor. In a logical world, the show would be filled with heroes and villains shoving sweaty hair out of their eyes every time they confront each other. On The Flash, we have characters who remain perfectly coiffed no matter what kind of mask they were wearing.

3. How Barry Commits A Lot Of Theft

Although the Scarlet Speedster claims to be a crime-fighter, he commits plenty of petty crimes himself. The Flash plays it for laughs whenever Barry zips off and returns two seconds later with a pizza or eats somebody's lunch because he's feeling peckish, but those aren't victimless crimes! When Barry leaves and comes back with food in less time than it would take to ring the food up, he's stealing from either a restaurant or the people who actually paid for their food. Good guys don't steal lunches, Barry!

4. How Barry Doesn't Always Need His Friction-Proof Suit

One of the first rules established about speedsters back in the beginning of the series was that they need friction-proof suits if they want to run at superspeed without burning anything and everything they're wearing. Unfortunately, Barry has been breaking that rule from almost the very beginning. Sometimes, his civilian clothes (or the clothes of the ladies in his arms) will catch on fire when he runs in them; other times, nothing at all.

5. How Nobody At Crime Scenes Notices Barry Zipping In

A running joke about Barry Allen since way back when he first guest-starred on Arrow was that he was always late to work. After getting his superspeed, Barry was able to race to and from crime scenes quickly (and often without a friction-proof suit) without getting himself in trouble with his bosses. In fact, nobody at the crime scenes ever seems to notice Barry popping up with a gust of wind. Given how he used to be spotted back when he was known as the Streak, it's obviously possible for passersby to spot him.

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