One Big Reason Why Fixer Upper Is Ending

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The Fixer Upper power couple Chip & Joanna Gaines are once again telling fans there are no secret underlying reasons as to why they're ending the show. That said, the couple has conceded that one big reason the show is ending is due to the same fears fans had when the couple initially announced the end of the show. Chip Gaines reaffirmed he and his wife's marriage and family are stronger than ever, but admits the couple did wonder if things could change as the show continued:

For us, the most important thing in the world is Jo and I's relationship followed very quickly by these four beautiful kids. We didn't want to push it, redline it for so long that we woke up and realized we are at a point of no return. We wanted to take a step back and focus on the thing that was absolutely the most important thing to us in the world. People in our inner circle, I tell them we're as healthy as we've ever been, I just didn't want to keep pushing this envelope to the fullest extent. We're really thankful that we had the opportunity to step back and take a break.

The Gaines family is sticking to their story that nothing is wrong, but they don't want to risk the show causing issues in their family down the road. The Gaines story to Today is only a little different than their official statement they released when they announced the show's end, but it does dispute an anonymous source who said the Gaines family ended the show specifically out of fear for their children's safety. The Gaines didn't address that statement specifically, although Chip Gaines does reaffirm that their children remain one of the most important aspects of their lives-- so that statement still could be true.

One interesting thing to note is that Chip Gaines referred to the end of Fixer Upper as a "break." Usually, breaks are temporary, which almost sounds as though the Gaines family could be plotting their next move into the limelight. Of course, "breaks" have no timetables, and it could also be that the Gaines could be waiting for their last child to leave the house which would mean a very long wait until fans see them on television again. Regardless of when it could happen, it does appear as though the couple is choosing their words very carefully as to not close the door on any future opportunities.

In the meantime, Fixer Upper is slated to air it's final Season 5 in November. While HGTV is almost certainly sad to see one of its prized shows go, they've been loading up on spin-offs to help offset the shows that seem to be coming to an end all at once. For more on the Gaines family, be sure to check out the crazy story that involves a drunk driver driving through one of their renovated homes. For more great television to watch alongside this final season of Fixer Upper, be sure to hit up our fall premiere guide for the where and when on this season's hottest shows.

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