A House Hunters Spinoff Is Coming To HGTV

House Hunters Family HGTV

House Hunters has been a staple of HGTV programming since the late 90s, and now another spinoff is coming to the network. This time around the twist isn't in the location, but rather who's involved in the decision. House Hunters Family will throw kids into the fray as families look together to find the ideal home.

As mentioned, House Hunters Family plays out in the formulaic House Hunters style with families jumping between three properties in an area, but now the kids have a say in the move. The twist is interesting as typically the shows only check in with the children after the move-in or sometimes not at all. This time around, the show will get the children's opinions of the house, and conversations like "Why can't we have the house with a pool?" and "House 2 had better carpet to lay on!" will likely ensue. House Hunters Family will make its premiere on HGTV on July 31st.

The premiere episode of the series looks to dive in head first as a family of six looks for a home in the suburbs of Denver. With each child wanting a room, homes that are more family-functional than modern chic are probably likely in House Hunters Family. This version of the series seems more geared towards parents who are looking to see realistic homes as opposed to those Bahamas getaway homes retired and childless couples get on Island Hunters.

House Hunters Family will be the 14th iteration of House Hunters (15 if you count the short Car Hunters commercials) since HGTV first launched the show in 1999. A series that has consistently pulled in viewers with every spinoff, the House Hunters franchise seems to be an addiction for home hopefuls and owners alike. With so many spinoffs out there, one has to wonder exactly when these masterminds will finally run out of ways to put a twist on the series.

The timing of House Hunters Family debuting on HGTV is especially fun, given a recent development with the Fixer Upper crew. Joanna Gaines mentioned recently her want to have another child. Fixer Upper is one of the top shows on the network, so it's not surprising HGTV may be looking to bring more kids into their programming as opposed to more drama. Perhaps there could be some crossover between the two shows if the Gaines family ever wants to jump ship from their dream home.

As mentioned, House Hunters Family will make its debut on HGTV July 31st at 10 p.m. ET. Those interested in the series can find more information here, or read about how the bros from Property Brothers are still living together in 2017. For more information regarding other hot shows making their premiere this summer, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide.

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