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Season 6 has been a rough start for the Arrow gang. Oliver is currently fighting off rumors he's the Green Arrow, and Diggle's got some problems of his own. While life sucks for them, it's an entertaining time to be a fan of the show, and it looks like things will only get better as a former character will soon make a return. Reports are spreading that actress Charlotte Ross will return to Arrow as Felicity's mother Donna in an upcoming episode.

The news comes from TVLine who confirmed the news that Donna Smoak will once again grace Star City's streets for Season 6. As for when Arrow fans can expect to see actress Charlotte Ross making her guest appearance, she posted a possibly telling picture from Vancouver (where the show films) just recently. Currently, Arrow is filming its midseason finale, which typically airs during the first couple weeks of December, so that's probably where she will appear again.

This will be the first time we've seen Donna Smoak on Arrow since Season 4, though Donna has technically been to Star City rather recently in an unseen capacity. She was mentioned in the Season 6 premiere, so her reason for returning must be related to Felicity, or perhaps Quentin? With as many on-and-off-again romances that this show has, it's easy to believe anything is possible. Really, all we know for certain is that Donna is back, and apparently, Charlotte Ross is happy to be filming in Vancouver, as evidenced by her Instagram:

#Vancouver nights ????????

A post shared by Charlotte Ross (@charlotteross2) on

Hopefully the Arrow staff isn't just bringing her back to kill her off! With Donna Smoak returning just in time to shoot a midseason finale, after her character has been absent from the show for so long, it feels as though she could be used to set up some high emotional stakes in the latter half of Season 6. That's just speculation of course, but is there any better reason Arrow fans can think of for her character to return?

Fans will just have to wait and see what is going on with Donna Smoak as Season 6 of Arrow continues on The CW. Catch a new episode October 26th at 9:00 p.m. ET, and see how things play out for Oliver and his sometimes annoying friends. For more on the Arrow-verse, check out how your favorite show did ratings wise in the big premiere week, and see how they faired matched up against some of the other shows featured in our fall premiere guide.

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