Over the course of multiple seasons across multiple action-packed dramas, the Arrow-verse has presented us with a wide range of characters that have captured our hearts and made us lifelong fans of their stories. This list is not for those characters. Instead, we compiled a list of the most annoying characters the series has brought us over the years, laying out exactly why we have beef with them. Without further ado, here are five Arrow-verse characters who drive us up the wall with how annoying they can be.

Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer is a doctor, a knight of the Queen, a successful businessman and the creator of a suit which allows him to defy the science of all things known to man. So... why, then, is he such a doofus idiot? When a hero is introduced as being such a complete intellectual, it's usually rather difficult to justify them making mistakes and being outsmarted, but Ray's problem is he's reckless far more often than not, which usually leads to one stupid mistake or another that a fellow heroic intellectual like Batman wouldn't be guilty of making. Ray is more than capable of addressing his other flaws, so why is it he always seems to overlook this one?

Why Ray Annoys Us The Most

On paper, Ray Palmer should be a character strong enough to get his own stand-alone series. He's smart, has a bad ass suit that doesn't get used enough, and a ton of powers to help him accomplish his goals. Yet, he's a second or third banana on a team of misfits hurtling through time on ridiculous missions. Ray is a nice enough guy, but we're alway going to be reminded of his wasted heroic potential, and that's a pisser.

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