It's an exciting time to be a Walking Dead fan. Because in addition to Fear The Walking Dead having wrapped up its third season, The Walking Dead just premiered its 100th episode, starting off Season 8 with a bang. The episode's flash forward was particularly interesting, with many wondering if Rick Grimes might actually bite the bullet one day. Actor Andrew Lincoln has stated this is entirely possible, and that the show could move forward without Rick. But who could be the leader of our group of survivors after Rick dies or retires as leader? We've got a few ideas-- here are the five most likely characters.


Michonne is one of the silent leaders on The Walking Dead. While she's not typically the one to make a Rick style speech, her actions speak for themselves. She's always remained even keeled and steadfast in her beliefs for the group and Alexandria. Deanna Monroe also told Michonne that she was meant for something bigger right before her death. If Rick were to get killed in their war against Negan, his partner in life and love could easily carry the torch and lead both the group and the Grimes family.

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