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DC's Legends Of Tomorrow has been a bunch of fun in Season 3, but don't expect things to remain peachy keen. Because apparently the series is long overdue for a character death. Executive producer Phil Klemmer is hinting the show will probably be killing off a big character soon, and that he feels "real-world stakes" are necessary to balance out the show's comedy:

All the Legends are not going to be fine. I think that's something that we said very early on; when we were talking about a show that we hadn't even made at Comic Con three years ago, we said this show was an ensemble, and it was one where we would have a rotating cast, and that when people died, they would die in real life. It's been a long time since Hawkman got stabbed or whatever. It's been a long time since Hawkgirl flew away. Our show really got to be super-funny last year, but I feel like you have to leaven that comedy with some hardcore pathos and some real-world stakes.

Now that it's been firmly established (via Comicbook) the Legends Of Tomorrow staff won't just let fans watch the heroes get drunk and high while tripping through time in Season 3, who is going to die? Right now, the popular speculation amongst fans is that Martin Stein will be the character who exits the Waverider in a less than desirable fashion. With actor Victor Garber announcing he'll be exiting the series in Season 3 recently, it feels as though Phil Klemmer's comments are in reference to him.

Killing off Martin Stein might as well kill off Jax, as without the professor he won't be able to turn into Firestorm. The comics have dealt with this issue in the past by having Jax team up with Ronnie Raymond, which would offer some potentially exciting storylines involving Robbie Amell. Although who knows what bringing him back will do to the Arrow-verse. Of course, Legends Of Tomorrow could always just tweak Firestorm's powers, and make it possible he can go hero mode without the good professor-- although some fans might take issue with that.

That said, fans shouldn't get too married to the Martin Stein death theories yet, considering just about anyone is fair game in Legends of Tomorrow. Don't forget the show did temporarily kill off everyone in Season 2, so while it seems likely Stein is the character saying sayonara, it really could be anyone. The series has introduced the storyline of his daughter's pregnancy that allows Stein to exit the series peacefully, so there is a chance he might just leave and then return when his schedule clears up.

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow has a new episode coming October 31st at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. For more on the series, check out some more info regarding the Waverider's newest hero or that very subtle nod to the Batman franchise the show pulled off last week. For more great shows to watch during this fall season, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide in order to stay on top of all the best things happening on television.