Riverdale Just Added Betty's Long Lost Brother

James Hart Denton Lethal Weapon

Riverdale just added Betty Cooper's long lost brother, and Season 2 of the series already looks to be getting crazier than the first. Actor Hart Denton has been cast to play the odd man out in what is sure to be an interesting storyline in The CW's teen drama. To think we originally thought the craziest thing that would happen this season was a potential Supergirl crossover.

Yet the Cooper family comes through yet again with some craziness, as TVLine reports the child Betty's mother gave up for adoption in her teen years (named Chic) will be a recurring character in Season 2. With Jughead attending another school and Betty still not addressing that whole dark alter ego she has, it feels as though the appearance of a blood brother raised by another mother could be enough to send Riverdale's top blonde off the deep end. Well, one should say further off the deep end, as she did legitimately torture a guy in Season 1 while Barb from Stranger Things watched.

As for the actor playing Chic, Hart Denton is a new face to The CW, and Hollywood in general. Beyond his upcoming appearance on Riverdale, Denton has a credit to Fox's Lethal Weapon, and the film Fun Mom Dinner. Riverdale will be a proving ground for Denton to strut his stuff as an actor, as a recurring role of this magnitude surely has to mean more than a couple appearances.

Not much is known about Chic beyond the details behind his birth, which served as the catalyst as to why Betty's sister Polly was sent away when it was revealed she was pregnant. One would imagine if he was living in Riverdale, we would've seen him by now. But it's possible he could be attending Jughead's new school Southside High, and that's why audiences haven't seen him yet. Whatever the case, the fact Hart Denton is being announced as Betty's brother appears to tease the family will find out about who he is and what he wants sooner than later.

Riverdale returns for Season 2 Wednesday, October 11th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more on the show and its stars, a bulk of the cast is pretty pissed off right now after star K.J. Apa totaled his car falling asleep at the wheel due to a 16-hour workday. Fans can read more about that, or whether or not the show has plans to go more supernatural in Season 2 right here. For a full list of all upcoming programming for the fall season, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide and stay on top of all the latest and greatest premieres.

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