Marvel's New Warriors TV Series Just Got Some Bad News

new warriors

While there are more Marvel-based TV shows now than ever (with more on the way), fans somehow still haven't seen Marvel deliver a straightforward live-action comedy series, despite several such projects having gone into development over the years. It looked like it might actually happen with the super-team series New Warriors, which landed a straight-to-series order at Freeform after a lengthy-enough development period. Unfortunately, New Warriors no longer has a home at Freeform, which defaulted the series back to Marvel, but could it be released elsewhere?

This is kind of a weird situation, since it's not an issue of New Warriors performing lower than anyone's expectations. (I mean, does Squirrel Girl _ever _disappoint?) In fact, it's reported that the New Warriors pilot did extremely well when screened by studio execs. Rather, Freeform had intended to bring the comedic series to its schedule in 2018 as it expends its scripted programming to four nights a week, but later could not find a proper timeslot for New Warriors to fit into. (That schedule also includes the Marvel adaptation Cloak & Dagger.) And so Freeform then agreed to revert the project back to Marvel, which definitely wants this series to come out in 2018.

It just has to find somewhere to air, right? Because some higher-up Disney execs were among those extremely impressed by the New Warriors pilot, there is some thought that the comedy project could end up at Disney's upcoming standalone streaming service, although THR reports that those chances aren't overwhelmingly strong, since Disney isn't planning on launching that service until 2019. Outside of that, Marvel could possibly seek out a home for the new show on Hulu, where Runaways is currently set to premiere, or another streaming service. Reportedly, the company is now looking for a two-season pickup from whatever new home it lands at.

Put simply, New Warriors is about six young and ability-laden people coming to grips with having powers in a world full of evil and awkward situations. It boasts cast members such as This Is Us' Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl and Baby Daddy vet Derek Thaler as Mister Immortal. The show's other heroes include Kate Comer's Debrii, Calum Worthy's Speedball, Jeremy Tardy's Night Thrasher and Matthew Moy's Microbe. And because this is a group with other comic-sourced members that won't be central focuses on this show, there is always a chance to develop spinoffs that could extend this particular side of the small screen's MCU, much as Netflix has done with its comic book dramas.

As unfortunate as it is that New Warriors won't be debuting on Freeform next year, here's hoping the show will end up somewhere that will give the project its due justice. In the meantime, check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see when Runaways, The Punisher and more will make their big debuts.

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