The silver screen isn't the only landscape in which superheroes have thrived over the last few years. Television has become densely populated with some truly great comic book heroes, and more seem to join the pack with each passing season. There's definitely a case to be made that DC is winning in the realm of broadcast television, but Marvel is currently making a big move with the development of Freeform's New Warriors TV series. We don't know much about the upcoming show (set to debut in 2018) but Marvel has finally revealed exactly which heroes we'll see.

Until today, the only thing that we knew about the New Warriors series was that it will be a half-hour comedy-superhero hybrid series, and that it will primarily center on the exploits of Doreen Green, a.k.a. Squirrel Girl. Doreen is a relatively unknown hero to mainstream audiences, but her star has started to rise as more and more people (including some notable filmmakers and actors) have clamored for her to get a solo project of her very own. We can now confirm that she and her squirrel-inspired powers will headline the new series, and she won't be alone, with these five other members of the New Warriors team officially joining her, starting with Mister Immortal.

Mister Immortal

Real name Craig Hollis, Mister Immortal's unique ability is that he is impossible to kill. By his own admission, anyway. You can throw all sorts of damage and chaos his way, and he will just walk it off, a la Deadpool. This ability has given him a substantial chip on his shoulder, which means he will serve as the "troublemaker" of the New Warriors team. Mister Immortal is also a highly skilled athlete and acrobat, so expect him to perform plenty of high-flying maneuvers.

Night Thrasher

Although Dwayne "Night Thrasher" Taylor does not have any real superpowers, he makes up for it by being an incredibly skilled combatant -- in fact, he almost got the drop on The Punisher in a previous comic book story -- and he is enhanced by his use of an advanced combat suit. Somewhat similar to Tony Stark in terms of personality, Night Thrasher comes from a wealthy family and is a bit of an attention hog, complete with a YouTube channel to promote his exploits.

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