Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Has A Trailer, And It's Full Of Nostalgia

When Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold! went off the air, it left some unanswered questions behind. Chief among these were the never-answered mystery of Arnold's parents, as well as his perpetually ambiguous last name. However, a brand new, nostalgia-packed trailer for Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie has officially dropped online, and it looks like the long-awaited TV movie will finally shed some light on the classic cartoon's most pressing questions. Check out the trailer below and prepare to feel all of those 1990s feelings.

I know, right? It feels like nothing has changed since the show went off the air back in 2004. In fact, that trailer makes it abundantly clear that (even with some fancy new technology bolstering the animation) this show will very much feel like a continuation of stories established back during Hey Arnold!'s initial run. The football-headed boy's mind still wonders what happened to his parents when he was an infant, and he will finally enlist the help of his friends to find some answers. Along the way, he will journey into the jungle in his quest for clues and uncover a secret much more significant than he could've ever imagined.

Of course, amid all of that intrigue, my personal favorite development is the fact that Helga may finally confess her feelings to Arnold. That's a scene almost two full decades in the making.

Despite all of that nostalgia, it's also clear that some significant upgrades have been made to the world of Hey Arnold! The animation looks considerably cleaner than it ever did during Arnold's original adventures through the halls of P.S. 118, and it seems that everyone involved behind the scenes has endeavored to take advantage of the latest animation technology to clean up and smooth out the world of Hillwood.

Hey Arnold the jungle movie trailer

Also worth noting is the fact that Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie has enlisted some new voices to round out its cast. While certain mainstays like Dan Castellaneta, Tress MacNeille, Dom Irerra, and Carlos Alazraqui remain, some vocals have been swapped out for new actors. This change is perhaps most notable in the cases of Arnold and Gerald, who have been recast with Mason Vale Cotton and Benjamin Flores Jr., respectively.

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie premieres on Friday, November 24 on Nickelodeon; to help get all of you longtime Hey Arnold! fans even more excited about the upcoming movie, The Splat will air every single episode of the classic Nicktoon from November 17 through November 24 between 11 p.m. ET and 6 a.m. ET. Elsewhere in the world of television, you can take a look at our fall TV premiere guide for more info on the rest of this season's biggest debuts, and listen to The Cord Cutter Podcast to hear everything that we have to say about the world of streaming content!

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