The Star Wars saga is currently unfolding on multiple fronts. We have the big screen with The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story coming up. Star Wars Rebels is currently airing its exciting final season on Disney XD, and it seems to be building to an exciting (and possibly tragic) climax in the not-too-distant future. The franchise has been doing something different with the Star Wars Forces of Destiny series of web shorts. Running for just a couple of minutes each, the animated shorts have managed to both entertain and answer some long-standing questions about the Star Wars universe. Read on for our breakdown of the questions answered so far!

How Did Leia End Up Wearing A Dress On Endor?

There was always a gap of time in Return of the Jedi between when Leia encountered Wicket the Ewok and when Luke and Co. discovered her in a dress with her hair down in the Ewok villain. The movie never explained how she ended up in a lovely dress when her friends were captured and prepared for roasting. In "Ewok Escape," it was revealed that Leia was given the dress by grateful Ewoks after she saved Wicket when he was on the verge of being blasted by some Stormtroopers.

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