All The Star Wars Questions Answered By Forces Of Destiny

The Star Wars saga is currently unfolding on multiple fronts. We have the big screen with The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story coming up. Star Wars Rebels is currently airing its exciting final season on Disney XD, and it seems to be building to an exciting (and possibly tragic) climax in the not-too-distant future. The franchise has been doing something different with the Star Wars Forces of Destiny series of web shorts. Running for just a couple of minutes each, the animated shorts have managed to both entertain and answer some long-standing questions about the Star Wars universe. Read on for our breakdown of the questions answered so far!

star wars forces of destiny ewok escape

How Did Leia End Up Wearing A Dress On Endor?

There was always a gap of time in Return of the Jedi between when Leia encountered Wicket the Ewok and when Luke and Co. discovered her in a dress with her hair down in the Ewok villain. The movie never explained how she ended up in a lovely dress when her friends were captured and prepared for roasting. In "Ewok Escape," it was revealed that Leia was given the dress by grateful Ewoks after she saved Wicket when he was on the verge of being blasted by some Stormtroopers.

star wars forces of destiny bounty of trouble

Did Leia Work With The Ghost Crew Again?

Leia appeared in Star Wars Rebels back in Season 2 on a mission to deliver some ships to the growing rebellion, and many fans were surprised when she witnessed Kanan and Ezra using their Force abilities, given that she didn't seem to know anything about Jedi around the time of the original trilogy. So, it was far from a sure thing that Star Wars would reunite her with the Ghost crew as Rebels approached the original trilogy timeline. "Bounty of Trouble" indicates that Leia in her iconic A New Hope outfit was working with Sabine again, and we know that Hera at least was still alive at this point in the saga. We can't say whether Kanan and Ezra see Leia again, but Sabine clearly did.

forces of destiny sands of jakku

What Was Following BB-8 On Jakku?

In The Force Awakens, BB-8 ended up wandering the sands of Jakku all by himself, and a mysterious creature with red eyes was seen popping its head out of the ground to take interest in the droid. The creature seemed like it was going to go after BB-8, but nothing ever happened with it on Jakku, and we never learned in The Force Awakens what it was. The "Sands of Jakku" short revealed that the creature was a gigantic nightwatcher worm that feeds on junk and was hankering for a taste of BB-8, and it did go after him. Luckily, Rey was on hand to rescue her new little friend.

star wars forces of destiny beasts of echo base

How Did The Rebels Discover Wampas On Hoth?

Empire Strikes Back introduced wampas early on when a distracted Luke Skywalker was mauled and nearly killed by one. The movie made it pretty clear that the rebels on Hoth were aware of the wampas, and some deleted scenes revealed that wampas were originally intended to be just about everywhere. Empire Strikes Back never revealed how the rebels found out about the wampas, however, and it seems that "Beasts of Echo Base" provided the answer. Chewie almost certainly wouldn't have been caught unawares by a creature he was familiar with, and Leia didn't recognize the beast that had captured him. This seems to be the first appearance of wampas in the Star Wars timeline.

star wars forces of destiny newest recruit

What Happened To Ketsu?

Ketsu (voiced by Gina Torres) made her Star Wars Rebels debut as a bounty hunter who had worked with Sabine prior to Sabine joining the Ghost crew. They hadn't parted well, but they made amends after another mission together. Still, Ketsu didn't sign on with the Rebellion on Rebels, and there was no saying if she ever would, especially since there's not a whole lot of Rebels left to potentially check back in with her. Luckily, the "Newest Recruit" episode of Forces of Destiny put Ketsu and Sabine back together for another mission, and this one was enough to convince Ketsu that the time had come to officially join the Rebellion.

star wars forces of destiny tracker trouble

Why Did Han Offer Rey A Job?

Han Solo and Rey had a pretty unexpected meeting in The Force Awakens, and a lot seemed to happen quite quickly from when they first crossed paths to when they arrived at Maz's castle and Han offered her a job. While viewers obviously knew that Rey would have been an asset as part of any crew, Han hadn't seen her in action on Jakku, and we had to wonder why he was so ready to offer her a place on the Millennium Falcon. "Tracker Trouble" proves that there was another adventure on the way to Maz's Castle, and Rey's quick thinking to get an explosive tracker off the ship saved the lives of everybody on board. No wonder Han wanted her on his crew!

star wars forces of destiny teach you i will

How Did Ahsoka Master Dual Lightsabers?

Ahsoka became known for using two lightsabers at once, and she would have undoubtedly died many times in both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels if she'd carried only one. It's easy to forget that Ahsoka didn't always wield two lightsabers. She just sort of turned up with a new outfit and extra lightsaber at one point in The Clone Wars. In "Teach You, I Will," Yoda gives Ahsoka a valuable lesson at the Jedi temple that gets her past the mindset that was preventing her from proficiency with dual lightsabers. Ahsoka mastered two lightsabers at once thanks to Yoda.

star wars forces of destiny accidental allies

Did Jyn Only Work With Saw's Rebels Before Rogue One?

In Rogue One, Jyn Erso was recruited by the Rebel Alliance because of her ties to Saw Gerrera's band of extremist rebels. She was raised by Saw, and she clearly had the instincts of a rebel, even if she wasn't aligned with them at the beginning of the film. The question was if she had ever dabbled in rebellion after leaving Saw and prior to Rogue One. "Accidental Allies" gives the answer, and it's probably not one many of us could have predicted. Jyn did end up helping the Alliance, as she assisted Sabine in getting information on the Empire back to the rebels. She just didn't know that she was helping the Rebellion specifically.

star wars forces of destiny an imperial feast

Did The Ghost Crew Outlast The Original Trilogy?

Star Wars Rebels has spent the last several years filling in the blanks of the final years before the action of A New Hope kicked off. The big question from the very beginning of the series, however, has been where these characters were during the original trilogy, especially given that Kanan was an active Jedi in the series. We've had to wonder if the Ghost crew would remain in action or even survive the end of Rebels. We did know that Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost made it to Rogue One, and it had been revealed that Hera was on Endor at one point. "An Imperial Feast" confirmed that Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost are all still in action (and interacting with Han Solo!) after the Battle of Endor. Those three at least will survive.

You can catch all 18 episodes of Star Wars Forces of Destiny on Disney Youtube. Forces of Destiny is just one way to get new Star Wars content ahead of The Last Jedi's debut in December. A live-action TV show was just announced for 2019 as well. Hasbro will be celebrating Forces of Destiny with the releases of new adventure figures that will be available in late 2017/early 2018, including Leia and R2-D2 circa A New Hope and Rey and Kylo Ren circa The Last Jedi. All things considered, fans of Star Wars should have an exciting time in the coming months.

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