Netflix Has A New Game Show That Combines Jackass With Wipeout

Johnny Knoxville Jackass

While they seem more focused on scripted original content, Netflix is still showing some love to unscripted reality programming. The network recently renewed the American Ninja Warrior inspired Ultimate Beastmaster for new episodes, and it's being reported that the network is currently developing a game show that is Jackass meets Wipeout. Expect to see pain and hilarious antics ripe for streaming as Flinch is making its way towards a release on the platform.

The reveal of Flinch comes from Deadline, who says the series was approved by Netflix's senior manager of unscripted content Nat Grouille. The show (which was originally called Chicken) is said to enter full production shortly and will feature contestants attempting to overcome pain and discomfort through a series of challenges. While the contestants suffer, three celebrity hosts will be brought on to place bets on which contestant they think will last the longest. The celebrity guest who ends up choosing wrong will be forced to undergo the same torture as the contestant.

Given the fact that Flinch is being likened to Jackass and Wipeout, it doesn't seem like a lot of celebrities will be falling over themselves to be a part of this show. Even with guys like Johnny Knoxville getting up there in age, it's hard to imagine the Jackass crew signing on for anything too extreme. That said, Netflix is awfully good at pulling in people from their other originals for other projects, so maybe the future contains Aziz Ansari screaming inside a transparent box of scorpions for our enjoyment?

Flinch joins the list of upcoming unscripted series like Rhythm & Flow, which will feature hip-hop and some involvement from John Legend. Current word is that Flinch will be one of Netflix's biggest unscripted productions since Ultimate Beastmaster which, considering the size of that obstacle course, is pretty impressive. Whether it can truly live up to the gruesome stunts of Jackass or gut-busting falls of Wipeout, is unknown, but who doesn't want to watch to find out? If Flinch features even a quarter of the groin shots Jackass had in its prime, audiences should become attached to it.

Considering Flinch hasn't even gone into full production just yet, don't expect to see this series premiere in 2017. Instead, keep an eye out for updates in 2018 and prepare for all the great offerings Netflix is bringing this month and next to close out the year. Most everything worth watching and the dates they premiere on can be found in our fall premiere guide, and our recent episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast features a great guide as far as what to watch on the service in November. For a look at the shows that didn't quite make the cut this year, check out our cancellation guide.

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