How NCIS' Pauley Perrette Addressed The Rumors Surrounding Her Upcoming Departure

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Ever since news broke that NCIS actress Pauley Perrette was leaving the CBS show, folks have been curious as to why. Apparently, people have been so curious and crazy with rumors that Perrette had to pop off on Twitter and set the record straight. In a passionate tweet, Perrette addressed the whisperings surrounding her upcoming departure and a skin care line she has absolutely nothing to do with:

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So for any NCIS fans who are awaiting a shipment of skin products with Pauley Perrette's seal of approval on them, now might be the time to cancel that order. For those unfamiliar with what Perrette is referring to, there's a bit of "fake news" circulating the web that the NCIS team is furious because Perrette is using a skin cream that makes her look younger as the show progresses. This "miracle" skin cream claims to be based on a formula by Dr. Oz, and the article advertising it at first glance may fool some into believing it's an actual news story.

Pauley Perrette is not the only celebrity that has had to combat the rumor she's starting a skin care line hilariously enough. Fixer Upper co-host Joanna Gaines specifically made mention of the same thing when she and her husband announced they were ending their show. This also isn't the only time Perrette has had to tell fans of NCIS she isn't affiliated with this company as she made another similar announcement on Twitter earlier this year:

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While it must be frustrating to be tied to some company using your celebrity to sell face cream, at least they gave Pauley Perrette the compliment of looking younger as NCIS has continued! Hopefully, the company using her celebrity status and bogus claims to sell face cream get some karma coming their way soon. If only the NCIS cast had the actual skills to track these guys!

NCIS is all new Tuesday, November 21st at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The days are slowly heading towards a break in all the best shows of the past couple months, but there are still plenty of new shows to check out on our fall premiere guide. Be sure to bookmark that, or head over to our cancellation guide to pay respects to the shows we lost in 2017.

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