True Detective Season 3 Just Cast A Harry Potter Actor As Its Female Lead

Seraphina Picquery Carmen Ejogo Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

After a less than stellar response from both critics and audiences for True Detective Season 2, it wasn't a sure thing until a couple of months ago that Season 3 was officially happening. Now, HBO is hoping to wash the bad taste from the previous season out of some mouths as they just cast a star from the Harry Potter franchise for Season 3 of the crime anthology series. It's being reported that actress Carmen Ejogo will portray the female lead as the series heads to the Ozarks to tell another tale.

Carmen Ejogo, who is currently playing Seraphina Picquery in the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them films, will portray an Arkansas school teacher according to EW. Amelia Reardon (the name of Ejogo's character) is somehow connected to two missing schoolchildren who disappeared in 1980, although the description for her character does not allude as to how. Ejogo will join Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, who is slated to star in True Detective Season 3.

As far as to where Carmen Ejogo will make her debut in True Detective, that's as good as anyone's guess. This season's story will take place over 3 time periods, and with Ejogo connected to children who disappeared way back in 1980, we can speculate that her character will make an appearance at some point in the past. Whether or not Ejogo was a schoolteacher back in 1980, or currently, will likely answer what her connection is to these school children and when we can expect to see her.

With Carmen Ejogo's casting, it looks like Season 3 of True Detective is in a different place than what some were thinking it was headed almost a year ago. With series creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto taking a back seat this time around and Matthew McConaughey having expressed interest in returning to the series, some had speculated HBO would try to bring back the cast of Season 1 in an attempt to return the series to form. With the so far stellar cast Season 3 has lined up, it looks like that won't be happening quite yet.

There's still no official word on when Season 3 of True Detective can be expected, but with another big casting out of the way that announcement should come sooner than later. While fans wait on that, be sure to head over to our fall premiere guide as there are still plenty of shows left in 2017 that are worth checking out before the new year. That said, we also have a midseason premiere guide for anyone looking to get ahead of the game and mark their calendar for the premiere or return of hot shows. Finally, for a look at some shows that left us in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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