The Stranger Things Star That The Creators Won't Share Spoilers With Anymore

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Behind every successful movie or television franchise, there's usually an actor or actress who can't keep quiet about spoilers. Loose lips sink future plot lines, and it appears that Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer will be giving star David Harbour the same silent treatment Marvel gives Tom Holland going forward. Matt Duffer says Harbour's inability to keep Stranger Things spoilers from fans and media have removed him from the inner circle of show secrets:

We can't tell David anything anymore. He's cut off. He tweets it, he puts it on Instagram, he tells every journalist he can find...I'm not telling him anything.

It sounds like the days of David Harbour blindly laying out spoilery Stranger Things plot lines are numbered, if not completely over. Harbour, who is already hard at work possibly revealing plans for Season 3, was good for a wealth of information regarding Season 2 of the Netflix original. This included such things like the continued cover-up of Barb's death, hinting at Hopper's custody of Eleven, and who all knew what went down in Hawkins following Season 1.

Those spoilers don't appear to be too damning, but surely the Duffer brothers would love to tell David Harbour something about Stranger Things in confidence without him immediately taking it to the press. In Harbour's defense, maybe this one is on the Duffers for not disciplining their actor after the first time he blabbed. At the same time, Harbour is co-star to a cast of kids who have all managed to keep Stranger Things secrets amidst all the wacky stuff they do for the media. Maybe they can teach him?

During the horror hit's panel at Vulture Fest (via THR), Finn Wolfhard chimed in on keeping secrets in regards to Stranger Things spoiler talk, and shared the following sage advice:

"Contracts matter. If you ever sign a contract, it matters. Trust me."

It sounds like that's a lesson Finn Wolfhard learned the hard way! Hopefully, David Harbour is able to get his spoiler problem back in control before it (or something even scarier) comes back to bite him. It probably won't, considering the Duffers were taking a lighthearted approach to calling him out, but who knows what would happen if Harbour let the wrong thing slip one day? Maybe they'll start feeding him false spoilers in the future.

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