New Rick And Morty Video Delivers A Sincerely Heartwarming Backstory For Fan Favorite Character

Rick and Morty may center on its two titular characters, but the show has also developed a fantastic-yet-tragic stable of peculiar supporting players over the years. From Birdperson to Krombopulos Michael, it seems like everyone who crosses Rick's path in Adult Swim's beloved sci-fi comedy ends up suffering in some form or another. Few characters embody that idea more than the perpetually cheerful (and sometimes drug-addled) Mr. Poopybutthole, but a heartwarming AF new Rick and Morty Thanksgiving video exposes more of his backstory, actually promising a happy ending. Check out the video below, but make sure to grab a box of tissues first.

This video opens in a similar fashion to the ending of Rick and Morty Season 2, with Mr. Poopybutthole watching the conclusion of the most recent episode of the show -- presumably through Interdimensional Cable. However, instead of engaging in a drug-fueled assault on a pizza deliveryman, Mr. Poopybutthole pulls out a photo album and reminisces about past years that led to his recent marriage to Mrs. Poopybutthole, and then beyond. This isn't exactly the kind of character history we expected this show to give this fan favorite weirdo.

As the video rolls through his photo album, we see how the couple met as students at Herry Herpson High School, how they helped fight off the Federation (presumably in the aftermath of the surprise Season 3 premiere), and how Mrs. Poopybutthole's pregnancy helped Mr. Poopybutthole cope with the death of his cat. At the end, we see that he no longer needs to use his cane to join his family, thus suggesting that he's finally getting his life back together. And dammit, if those final seconds don't inspire us to turn into blubbering messes. That smile!

Mr. Poopybutthole's story arc has become a fascinating aspect of the overarching Rick and Morty mythology, even though he is not even close to being a member of the Smith family. He fell into a deep hole after being shot by Beth in "Total Rickall," and his ever-decreasing sanity characterized much of Rick and Morty's Season 3 marketing. This video offers up a surprisingly heartwarming turn of events, as well as an oddly grounded change of pace for a character who is a fourth-dimensional parasite. (That's precisely how Dan Harmon described Mr. Poopybutthole to CinemaBlend over the summer.

Rick and Morty's long-awaited third season ended a while ago, which sucks, but I think we can all rest a little bit easier with the knowledge that Mr. Poopybutthole seems to be on the mend and finding some level of peace with his life. It may not be the thing we're most thankful for this week, but we'd take it any day over awkward dinner conversations with estranged family members.

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Conner Schwerdtfeger

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