TV schedules are bombarded with samey-same comedies on a yearly basis, so it takes some effort to sift through the fluff and find the quality product. And it takes an even more dedicated eye to find the worthwhile science fiction comedies, which are a much-rarer entertainment commodity. You’d think someone would just invent a transmogrifier that could turn all the terrible shite into hilarious gold. Maybe one day…

But until that happens, we’ve used our pocket tractor beam to draw in the 10 funniest science fiction series out there. (As well, we're using the reverse beam to deflect all opposing views.) These choices are not necessarily meant to be the best of the sci-fi world – although many are – but they’re the series that tend to provoke the most smiles and laughter on an episodic basis. Now grab your favorite towel and read on.

10. Mork & Mindy
As the breakout role for the always hysterical Robin Williams, Mork & Mindy was definitely one of the more successful sci-fi comedies out there, choosing to shoehorn an alien personality into a standard sitcom rather than throwing sitcom tropes at a sci-fi setting. Sure, it often relied on catchphrases, and its last season was a bit of a mess with the great Jonathan Winters as a big baby, but this Garry Marshall co-creation was anchored by solid jokes, Williams’ otherworldly chemistry with co-star Pam Dawber, and his conversations with his homeworld superior Orson. And yeah, having Tom Poston and Jay Thomas onboard certainly didn’t hurt.

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