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The latest episode of Outlander ended on a pretty killer cliffhanger as Claire literally took a leap of faith off the back of a British warship. Determined to escape the Porpoise and reunite with Jamie in time to warn him of the terrible fate that awaits him in Jamaica, Claire decided to take off her shoes, shed her outer layers, and jump right down into the dark waters with no more than a raft made out of barrels to (hopefully) prevent her from drowning. It was a crazy way to end an episode, and fans have been waiting for a look at what happened to Claire after her jump. Thanks to some new photos from the next episode, we have an answer. Take a look!

outlander claire haiti

Claire made it to land! Obviously the heroine of Outlander wasn't going to drown halfway through the third season, especially considering a fourth season has already been ordered. Still, we couldn't be too sure that she wasn't recovered by the Brits or swept out to sea to be fished out by pirates or something equally outlandish. Claire has gone through so much craziness over the course of the show so far that it's probably best not to rule any plot twists out for the poor woman, especially when she's determined to help Jamie.

Even though she did make it to land, she's clearly worse for the wear. I'm guessing she wasn't exactly swept neatly to the island after only a brief time in the water. Her face looks seriously sunburned, and she definitely looks like she could use fresh water, food, and a nice long nap, to say nothing of a change of clothes. Still, at least the first part of her plan has been completed. Claire successfully escaped the Porpoise.

outlander claire barefoot haiti

Unfortunately, she's not set up to do much to help Jamie even having escaped the Porpoise. She seems to have washed up on shore with no more than her bundle of meager belongings, and there's no saying how many of those belongings stayed bundled while she was in the water. Claire won't get far in the bright sun on an unfamiliar island without shoes, at the very least. She did leave the Porpoise with a bag of coins thanks to her unexpected friendship with Mrs. Johansen, but that bag of coins could have sunk down into the depths while Claire was floating. Claire didn't have time to think through her decision when she jumped, and she may not have secured her valuables well enough to survive her time in the water.

Tune in to Starz on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET to see what else happens to Claire in the aftermath of her jump from the deck of the Porpoise on Outlander. For a look at two of the people she'll encounter on this new island, head on over to the next page!

In this photo, two new characters for Season 3 are sitting down for a meal with Claire. In the middle, we have Nick Fletcher as Father Fogden, and Victoria Leporia is on the far right as Mamacita. Claire will cross paths with these two after she runs aground on the island, and she'll evidently be on good enough terms with them that they invite her for a meal. We can bet that Claire won't be content with a nice dinner, however. She's on a mission to reach Jamie in time to save him, and something tells me that a little sunburn and dehydration won't be enough to stop her. We'll have to wait and see.

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